Sunday, May 25, 2008

Standing Tall

James had a dental appointment on Friday and then afterwards ran a few errands and was surprised, at the end of his errands, to receive a phone call from me telling him to get back home ASAP.

Felicity had figured out how to pull herself into a standing position in her crib, which was still set with the mattress at the highest position. So, I got to work trying to quickly lower it so I could get in her morning nap. Unfortunately, none of the wing nuts or screws would budge and Felicity, overtired, began crying excessively. Then Cecilia, upset by Felicity's crying, declared she was scared and began wailing. It was at this point I called in James for reinforcements. After getting Felicity to sleep on her crib mattress on top of our bed and spending almost an hour on it, we got everything straightened out and secure.

Since then Felicity has pulled herself up standing about half a dozen times. She doesn't know how to get back down again, short of falling over, but my goodness does she love standing like that. She gets a glow of self-accomplishment and a pride in growing up and a smile of pure joy.

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