Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I Want to Homeschool

A homeschooling book I read recently said it would be helpful, for me as well as anyone who would inquire of me, to write down the reasons why I want to homeschool. So, here goes. H/T to Heather via Melanie for food for thought.)

I want my children to

(in no particular order)

1. Have a healthy understanding of who they are within a family, within a Church, within a community, within a country and within the world.

2. Have a strong sense of family and close ties within their family.

3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and developed individuality.

4. Have a firm foundation in the Roman Catholic faith and a strong devotion to that faith to guide them through life.

5. Know that there is an absolute truth and evil does exist in the world regardless of circumstances or popular opinion.

6. Know that all human life is priceless and bears the dignity of the image of God.

7. Learn in a manner that is best for them, not one imposed by someone else and limited by a large classroom.

8. Understand why sex should exist only within a sacramental marriage.

9. Learn facts and read great literature rather than be taught watered down history and Dan Brown.

10. Develop a respectful curiosity and appreciation for our planet, the creatures on it and how it works

11. Know that people are more important than things and quality is better than quantity.

12. Know that we do not live just for today and reaching heaven depends on how we live on earth.

13. Appreciate Art and Music regardless of the county budget.

14. Learn practical skills such as Cooking, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Gardening, Sewing, Money Management, Landscaping, and whatever else to which we can apply ourselves that will provide practical benefit to our lives as a family and within a community.

15. Develop a devout prayer life to carry them through the rest of their lives.

16. Learn and grow in an environment safe from drugs, alcohol, violence and hate.

17. Know that the person who teaches them does so not because they are a number that will get them a paycheck but because they are loved.

18. Experience learning not as a chore but as a joy and a gift from God

19. Receive as much one-on-one instruction as needed without embarrassment or shame.

20. Develop a healthy patriotism and have an honest understanding of national history


  1. Thanks. I may add to it as things come to mind. But writing down my reasons seemed like a good and practical idea as a foundational basis for my decision to homeschool.