Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Friday - The Reception

After the Ordination Mass, we went to the Reception to honor Bishop Conley

While there we ran into some fellow UDers, including Fr. James and Dr. and Mrs. Frank.

And we got to spend a few minutes with the new Bishop

I also got a decent shot of the Baby Bishop's Mother, Betty, whom I remember shipping her son Salsa and microwavable Popcorn while in Rome.

Then we spent a bit of time outside where Cecilia could roam a bit, although she would not have put down that cup of M&Ms for the pope himself.

We attended the dinner that evening only briefly. We were fortunate to meet with the Archbishop for a few minutes. Then we went back to the hotel to eat as the girls were both getting tired and cranky and James and I was getting a bit tired ourselves. It had been a long but wonderful day.

One last photo for humor. My blur of bishops. LOL

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