Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monday - Butterfly Pavilion and Rocky Mountain National Park

In front of the Denver Convention Center they constructed a large blue bear. It definitely attracts your attention. Here are a couple shots.

Monday we began at the Butterfly Pavilion. I don't have many shots from there because the camera's batteries died. It was tough to try to focus on little fluttering butterflies anyway, but Cecilia enjoyed it.

From there we were on to the Rocky Mountain National Park

We hiked up one small trail to a beautiful waterfall

We spotted some Elk

Cecilia spotted this deer before either of us. Sorry all I got was a picture of his tush

Cecilia and Felicity fell asleep in the car driving around the park

And we enjoyed the view

On the way back to the hotel, Cecilia watched Donald Duck cartoons on our portable DVD player

The green "stick" is a plush flower she got at the Butterfly Pavilion.

Hope you enjoyed our blog album. Now to do the laundry.

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