Saturday, June 28, 2008

Prayer Requests

*The Cantrell Family* - Baby Cate was born only 12 days before Felicity. She wasn't actually supposed to live past 5 months in utero. She went into the hospital for heart surgery last week but afterwards the doctor informed her family that "her little body was beginning the process of shutting down, her lungs were filled with fluid, she was starting to have a bacterial infection in her kidneys, and indeed her heart was not going to be able to recover from the surgery, due to the complex anatomy of her heart." Her family spent some time with her and prayed but when it became clear God was calling Baby Cate home, they took the tubes out so her mother and father could hold her one last time. When they turned off the ventilator, Baby Cate could not take a breath on her own and her parents said goodbye. Her parents are so thankful for the "AWESOME seven months" they had with Cate after she was born and "do not regret one single thing." Please keep them close to you in prayer.

*The O'Connell Family* - Susan O'Connell is 8 months pregnant with placenta previa and abruption. Blood tests indicate she may still be bleeding internally. They are going to try to keep her in the hospital on bed rest until July 14th and then do a C-Section. It is doubtful the c-section will wait that long. Baby Kevin and his mom are healthy and do well other than the placental bleeding. If necessary, the doctors can quickly do an emergency c-section. The primary concern is Susan not bleeding to death. She is also very much missing her other 4 children, her three sons are being watched at home by her mother-in-law and husband and her daughter, who has juvinal diabetes, is being cared for by a friend. Please keep them close to you in prayer.

*Catie O'Brien* - Catie is 7 years old and recently had a tumor removed from near her spine. She has been doing well with physical therapy. Unfortunately, pathology reported that the removed tumor was malignant and a very rare and aggressive type called PNET (primitive neoroectodermal tumor). This type of tumor is generally found around the brain. Since Catie had it near her spine, doctors will be somewhat guessing as to how to treat her, but with only one shot to get it right, it is important for them to make the right choice the first time. Whatever the treatment is, it will most likely involve up to a year's worth of inpatient and outpatient testing, chemo, radiation, etc. Please keep Catie, her family and her doctors close to you in prayer.

*Rich Lee* - Rich suffered a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. He was stable but there was too much damage to his heart and is wait-listed for a transplant. They have needed to put him on dialysis and he is still in ICU so friends cannot visit him yet. He has two daughters. Please keep Rich and his family and friends close in prayer.

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