Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sunday - White Fence Farm

For dinner on Sunday we went to the White Fence Farm. Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn fritters made for a yummy meal. Cecilia discovered she liked the corn fritters so much she confiscated the serving meant for the whole table

She loves that "Blue M" shirt. She wanted to wear it the next day too but it was dirty. She had a blast at the petting zoo though

That big thing in the barn behind the goat is a pig, and it is so big it gives the word new meaning.

They also have horse-drawn carriage rides. We didn't take one but Cecilia liked the horse

They had a playground

And a Fish and Duck Pond where Cecilia fed the fish and ducks

In front of the sign

Cecilia at the gazebo

Cecilia at the Peacock Cage (I think there was also a pheasant in there)

Highly recommend the White Fence Farm for anyone in the Denver area with little kids and a hankering for fried chicken!

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