Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thursday, May 29th

We began the day by taking a train up to the top of Pike's Peak!

Unfortunately those are about all the pictures I have of Pike's Peak because Cecilia, poor thing, became dehydrated due to the altitude and spent the last part of the ride up to the peak, part of our time on the peak, and the first part of the descent throwing up. We were a bit busy at the peak. We tried to get her to drink water or gatorade, but nothing we got in her seemed to help until we neared the railway station at the bottom. I wish we had known it could cause such problems or we would have made her drink more before our ascent but we did not know. May any other parents considering taking children up to 14,110 feet in elevation learn from our mistake.

After that morning, we took it easy in the afternoon, eating at the Trail Dust Steak House and browsing Shepler's, a country western store we haven't seen since living in Texas. Cecilia was still a little slow about eating (understandably) and we were willing to let her drink anything to get her fluids up (fortunately she didn't ask for Jack Daniels).

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