Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 4th Fun

For the 4th, I made a cake I had seen an add for in a magazine:

Cecilia picked out all the blueberries she could get. I think she is used to the stawberries being in smaller pieces or she would have eaten more of those. Here was the recipe:

Wave Your Flag Cheesecake

1 qt. Strawberries
1 ½ c. Water boiling
2 pkge. Strawberry flavor Jello
1 c. Water cold plus ice
1 pkge. Pound cake, cut into 10 slices
1 1/3 c. Blueberries, divided
2 pkge. Cream Cheese, softened
¼ c. Sugar
1 tub (8oz) Whipped Cream

1.    Slice 1 c. of the Strawberries and set aside. Halve the remaining 3 cups of strawberries and set aside.
2.    Stir the boiling water into dry gelatin mixes in large bowl at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved. Add enough ice to cold water to measure 2 cups. Add to gelatin; stir until ice is completely melted. Refrigerate 5 minutes or until gelatin is slightly thickened (consistency of unbeaten egg whites).
3.    Meanwhile, line bottom of a 13x9 inch dish with the cake slices.
4.    Add sliced strawberries and 1 c. of the blueberries to thickened gelatin; Stir gently. Spoon over cake slices. Refrigerate 4 hours or until set.
5.    Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Stir in whipped cream. Spread mixture over gelatin.
6.    Arrange strawberries and blueberries on top as your flag.

I think next time I will slice the strawberries smaller and layer them across instead of halving them. The other problem we had with it was the poundcake. It makes the bottom and base of the cake and, maybe it was just our food store's, but it did not go well with the other flavors. Next time we are going to try graham cracker as a base.

I so wish this shot was in focus (I put it medium-sized to keep anyone from going blind):

You notice that green on her outfit? Here is a closer look:

I'm still trying to get it out of that onesie. It is poster paint. Felicity got ahold of Cecilia's green poster paint brush with green paint on it. This was after I washed off her face and hands, after which she still had a green tongue. I called Melissa and Doug in a panic to make sure I didn't need to call the poison control center or a leprechaun hotline.

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