Sunday, August 17, 2008

Abortion as Euthanasia

I read a few message boards, as you may know. This past week I read a post that was simply heart-breaking.

A mom of 4 and stepmom to 3 is 4 1/2 months pregnant. She got her ultrasounds and found out that her unborn baby girl's brain stopped developing. There is a brain stem so the little girl can move and kick her mom, but that is it. There are good odds she will not live to term on her own and even if she did, she would most likely die minutes or hours after she is born. It is a heartbreaking situation no matter how you look at it.

She and her husband have decided to induce delivery as soon as her doctor or midwife is available for such an appointment, hold her baby girl, take some tasteful pictures and watch her little one die. What stuns me is that she does not consider this an abortion. Now intentionally ending an unborn baby's life IS abortion. Period. But I was fascinated by how she did view it. She says, "I don't look at this as terminating my pregnancy. She is not a pregnancy to me. She is my daughter (name) who is loved..." The mother says, "I can't selfishly bring her into a world of pain and misery."

In this mom's defense, she seems to believe that allowing her little girl to continue growing only to die at birth would be solely so she (mom) could enjoy her as long as possible. So she believes she is doing the kindest thing for her daughter. But isn't that just the Euthanasia mentality that life with pain and near death is a life not worth continuing? Maybe that little girl would love to enjoy the comfort and love of her warm and comforting womb to whatever extent she can as long as possible? But even if she cannot feel anything, where is the respect due to God for this little girl He created? Or the respect due to nature who has not miscarried this little girl or ended her life as yet? Where is the resource to prayer? Or maybe even the hope of a miracle? Or even just trust in God's will?

This mom says that she has been in heart-wrenching agony ever since she got the diagnosis, and I certainly believe her. She calls trying to bring her daughter to term "selfish." So she wants to bring the baby to term but has been convinced that doing so would be bad for her to do as an act of selfishness "causing" her daughter pain.

Anyone who thought Euthanasia was illegal in most states, think again. This little girl's life will be intentionally ended as a "mercy killing" only 5 or so months after it began.

I certainly will not pretend to place myself in their position. It is a situation I could not wish on anyone. I cried reading her posts and I don't know her except through a message board. But as I reflected, and imagined such a scenario happening to me, I became unbelievably grateful to have an OB/GYN who will never offer or suggest Euthanasia in the form of an Abortion. Personally, I would find even suggesting such a thing to be the cruelest thing any doctor could say to me.

Please pray for this family in such a difficult time and pray they make a better choice than the one they have decided.

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