Sunday, August 17, 2008

It Is Finished!

I finally finished Weigel's Biogrraphy on Pope John Paul II! I started it the weekend after Ash Wednesday, if that gives you any idea. It sadly took me about 6 months to read all 864 pages. It was a good book, just long.

I want to hit myself for saying it, but I do hope he will publish the remaining 5 1/2 years of his life. The book extends through 1999. As much as I want to have read it all by now, After reading so much, I wish I could finish his life. Hopefully one day he will.

In the three days afterwards I read Danielle Bean's "Mom to Mom, Day to Day: Advice and Support for Catholic Living," a thoroughly enjoyable book and a much quicker read than Weigel, for which I am very grateful to Danielle.

I also managed another 100 pages in Little House on the Prairie and have about 90 pages remaining. I will finish this one before picking up any other new ones, but I'm getting excited about picking more new books to read.

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