Thursday, August 7, 2008


Sorry it has been a while. I have no excuses. They all escape my head at the moment.

Felicity continues to do well. She crawls and stands everywhere and I expect will be walking soon. She loves Cheerios and french fries but resists most other solid foods I give her. I don't get it. She has not had french fries often, but that is one food she always opts for. I've also tried bananas, pears, peaches, peas, broccoli, green beans, carrots, and sweet potato. Oh, she will also down bread and Gerber Puffs like there is no tomorrow. Have to wonder if it is something about the texture of the drier stuff. But I still don't get it. We have been working to transition her to sleep in her crib all the time rather than just some of the time. So far there is some improvement. I hope for more each night. She is definitely getting more vocal and I even hear "ma ma"sometimes though I'm sure she doesn't know what she is saying.

Cecilia's vocabulary continues to grow. She has become quite a wonderful big sister. When we eat, she gets Felicity's water cup for her. When Felicity coughs, Cecilia pats her on the back. Cecilia gives her toys and offers her Cheerios and gives her hugs and kisses. It is quite cute too, to see Cecilia when Felicity gets a hold of something she shouldn't. Cecilia gently takes it from her and says, "Icity, no, no, no." She has even taught Felicity how to dance...sort of. Felicity bounces her head from side to side when music plays and Cecilia dances.

I am determined to finish Weigel's Biography of JP II this month. It started as a Lent book, then became an Easter book and now a summer book. I have about 115 pages to go. I have been reading other books during that time as well, but Weigel's is a big book, with big pages, and little girls distract easily. Getting close though!

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