Sunday, October 12, 2008

To Philly and Back

James was asked to present a paper at a conference at Villanova, so all of us spent a couple days in Philly.

We drove up Thursday afternoon and, God Bless Felicity, she didn't wake up all Thursday night. Friday morning we got the girls pancakes at McD's and dropped James off at the conference center. Then, I got lost for about a half hour. Finally I found 76 West, and the girls and I went to ZooAmerica. Cecilia loved seeing the Bison, Mountain Lions, Elk, Wolves, Aligators and Crocodiles, Otters, Black Bears, Deer, Turkeys, Ducks and other critters. I loved seeing the Perigrine Falcons. They are my favorite birds and I had never seen one in person before - only pictures. They mate for life and can fly over 200 miles per hour when hunting. Beautiful birds. I was amazed at how small they were for falcons, but I guess it helps them be so fast. Then we went over to Chocolate World. We took the tour and wandered around and had lunch. Cecilia had her first KitKat (my favorite Hershey's chocolate). During lunch, a gentleman came over to our table and, smiling, said, "You have a full time job." I smiled and said, "Yes." Then he asked, "When is the third?" He had an accent so he had to ask it twice before I got it, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at his attitude toward children. I've had several people give a disappointed "awe, maybe next time" when they find out Felicity was not a boy. I simply replied I didn't know. Before he left he kindly told me to have a nice day and said I was a "beautiful woman." Now, considering this man was probably in his early 60s or so, I can assure you it was said most respectfully and not in a flirtatious way at all. He seemed like the nice old neighbor you'd want the phone number to after one of those really bad days just to cheer your up. I got lost again on the way back.

Saturday we dropped James off to give his paper at the conference and drove north to Easton to the Crayola Factory. Cecilia had a blast there. She saw how they make crayons and was able to crayon, marker, paint, mold, bounce, crawl, run and play to her heart's content. And we got a little nuts in their store. I got lost once more in Easton trying to find my way back to the highway and thanked God Cecilia couldn't read yet when I pulled into a minimall to turn around and the store in front of me read "Condoms Galore." :::sigh:::

Saturday afternoon we had a lovely visit with my aunt, uncle, two cousins, four dogs, two cats, two fish, and lizard. Felicity enjoyed roaming about the main floor and Cecilia had a blast playing with the dogs and chasing the cats. We got lost once more on the way back out of Philly (yep, that is 4 times, although the first three were just me and the 4th was both of us) but eventually made it on to I95.

Overall it was a very nice trip. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera and had to buy a disposable one and I won't have those developed for at least a week as I am going to use it this Friday when we visit a farm.

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