Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Dying Country

Last night I watched the election results in sorrow. I had kept faith and hope that my countrymen could not be so selfish and so blind as to elect Obama. I am so sorry to have been wrong. 62 Million people will bear on their souls the costs of having elected someone in favor of the slaughter of innocent unborn children. 62 Million people declared they are not pro-democracy but pro-socialism. Over half of our country chose a man so inexperienced they would not choose a person so inexperienced in any other profession to serve them. The next four years will bring the blind leading the blind. Will there be change? Of course. But did anyone who voted for Obama consider it could be change for the WORSE?

So why did people vote for the most inexperienced ultra liberal ever to run for the high office? I was appauled last night to hear reported several interviews where African Americans voted for him solely because he was African American. Now I'd heard race would play a role in this election, but I'd always heard concern that people would not vote for him because he was black. I'd heard concern that the racists ones would be the white people. I can't say as I thought much about it since I couldn't care less about what color he or anyone is. (I rather like the color purple, but haven't met any purple people yet.) So I was disappointed to hear so many African Americans voting simply based on race. I have to wonder how many African Americans are guilty of a unique form of racism, choosing an African American candidate simply because of his race.

I have been terrified of what would happen if Obama was elected for months. I now predict only destruction and decline during his reign. I have long thought he was unbelievably dangerous. He has a frightening ability to manipulate a crowd with pretty words - just as Hitler and other dictators have. He has no understanding of the dignity of the human person: he believes even living children, just because their parents wanted them dead, should be left to die; he believes that hard-working people do not deserve the fruits of their labor; he believes that people are either too stupid or too unkind to  use their money accordingly and must have it done for them - he does not recognize Christ in his fellow human being, fully capable of making his own choices and deserving the respect and chance to do so. To Obama, people are working animals that only he can tell what to do, what to think and how to live. It is an unbelievably degrading and scary mentality, but certainly not one we haven't seen before. It is just the previous ones ended in wars, holocausts and destroyed countries.

I believe he is evil. I don't know that he knows he is. But I have seen this clearly for some time. I thought for sure my fellow countrymen would be at least able to see a glimmer of what I saw. 62 Million people are walking around in our country proud and happy that they voted for the candidate that won completely oblivious to the evil they have unleashed on themselves and the 55 Million who did see it. The fact that so many Americans could be so blind and so selfish as to only consider how pretty words made them feel, casts a great shadow of doubt over our country. Our country chose socialism. Our country chose death. Our country is dying. While we have never had a true democracy, we cannot even pretend to have a shred of one now. I couldn't blame communist countries if they laugh at us after we waved the "Democratic Savior of the World" flag for decades.

My hope for our country struggles greatly. But here is my hope. Some things must die to be reborn. I hope, in the face of death, that. like a phoenix, our country will survive the Democratic Party Government and wriggle from its ashes wiser, purer and selfless. In the meantime I will watch my children play in their innocence and just hope they never feel any of the effects of President Obama and will have a better country in the future.


  1. My wife and I (and 10 month old son!) have been admirers of your blog for some time. During this election season, I read with great appreciation your post comparing Obama's socialist agenda to that of various communist regimes through the ages -- so often the "abortion argument" is dismissed by liberals as religious blindness (I too am appalled by Obama's abortion position BTW), but there is no denying these other facets of his platform.

    I think conservatives everywhere in this country are mourning the election results (the Congressional results may prove to be even more damaging than the Presidential election). I've been depressed all day. But I take heart in the knowledge that Jesus Christ does indeed watch over his flock. What power the authorities that govern over us have, is power that is given to them by God alone (whether they know it in their own hearts or not).

    We cannot, however, retreat into seclusion. As Saint Paul writes, "Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching." (2 Timothy 4:2).

    The 55 million of us who said "no" to this "change" need to continue to fight the good fight. And that's what still makes this a great country -- the simple fact that we have the right to make our case, and we shall. Knowing there are believers who preach the truth as you do on your blog, has brightened my day already.

  2. Hi John,
    Congratulations on your son. We will be having a 1 year birthday this month. They grow so fast don't they?!?
    I was quite depressed yesterday as well. I also simply did (and still do) not want to hear about politics or Obama from newscasters. It has all come to disgust me so much. My comfort has been in my faith and my family. It is impossible not to smile when an 11 (or 10) month old smiles at you.
    I guess my question re: the 55 million is, "What will they do to keep fighting?" The elections are over although I'm already beginning to hear about the next set (God help us). I keep hearing people saying they will work with Obama. Personally, I don't feel like working with him on anything (not that he would ask for my help).
    I was half-listening (little one wasn't asleep yet) to a pro-life webcast last night ( and one of the points they made I thought was quite a good one. They said, in the end, we can't control what any politician does no matter who is in office. But if we can stop women from seeking abortions, then legal or illegal, the abortionists would have no customers. We have lost the white house and congress, but we haven't lost the streets. So my new question for myself is what can we do to stop women from even seeking abortions. I was going to try to look into the Project Gabriel in my area and see if they have any magnets/stickers with the local phone number I can display.
    I'm not convinced we are a great country. A great country would not kill its own. But I would say we are a country of Hope in that we have the right to work to be a great country. Given that the media and the government are, in general, against us, any work we do will be either ignored or insulted. Fortunately God is on our side and he always wins. But I cry for how many will suffer and die before this fight ends.