Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Day at the Farm

Our TORCH group took a trip to a local farm.

65380002They saw a beehive and found the queen (marked with a red dot to make it a bit easier).

65390023We took a hayride.

6539002116539002265380015Cecilia picks her pumpkin. She insisted on pulling that wagon with no help and it was so heavy, she fell several times. But determination and a lot of muscle later, she got it to the car. I was impressed.

65380008Cecilia getting her free little pumpkin. At least that one she could carry.

65380010Daddy and Cecilia in the Corn Maze.

65380004Cecilia and Daddy going to get corn to make popcorn for later.

Cecilia and the Chickens:

65390016She loved feeding those chickens ... fat birds too. Cecilia and the cows:

653900171Cecilia and the goats:

65390018Daddy shows Felicity the animals:

65390025Cecilia had a blast at the farm. She has been asking to go back ever since.

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