Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

* Cecilia has decided that, as she is using the potty like a big girl, she should also read big books. Almost daily she scales the living room bookcase in search of “Mommy’s books.” She likes the smallest one available, which turns out to be Thomas More’s Utopia. Although yesterday, I guess as a change of pace, she opted for Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. It makes me a little glad she can’t read yet if that is what she is pulling off the shelves. Classic literature, but a bit mature for an almost-three-year-old.

* My nausea is coming a bit more under control. This time around has definately been more intense than either of the first two pregnancies. I have a very strong stomach, and my record of never getting sick just from being pregnant is in tact, but this is the first pregnancy I have had days where I simply NEED to sit or lay down because I feel that nauseous. I still get nauseous here and there, but it has not been as severe. I’ve been cheering on that placenta to take things over as, I believe, that is when the hormones take a bit of a break and the nausea does so as well.

* Cecilia has started treating Felicity to rides on her tricycle. Cecilia rides and pedals while Felicity sits on the step on the back and enjoys the ride. It is quite cute.

*I’ve finished On the Shores of Silver Lake and am on to the 6th Wilder book. So far I am quite enjoying the series, though, I must admit, so far my favorite is Farmer Boy, the one not about Laura. I find this particularly odd considering how much I find myself having in common with Laura, but I’m betting one of the remaining books will become my favorite of the series.

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