Wednesday, December 24, 2008


* A couple of nights ago we were saying our nightly prayers asking God's blessing on family and friends when Cecilia added, "God Bless Cookies!"

* Cecilia has turned our nativity into a play set. She has declared the roof of the manger to be a slide which each of the figures take turns sliding down. She also is fond of playing with the baby Jesus. She periodically declares him to have a "pee heavy" diaper or to need a "tushie change" and we pretend to change his diaper. She gets quite a kick out of it.

* Cecilia's potty training had been going very well. She became a master of peeing in the potty. Unfortunately she began holding #2 until she got tummy aches. We've been letting her do that one in her pull-ups until she gets regular again. We are also increasing her fruit and veggie intake (I think all the sweets this time of year haven't helped either). I've found one children book that describers her situation perfectly. I just need to get her to sit long enough to listen to it.

*I think there must be some rule that the weekend before Christmas is the last time to sell trees and come Monday they all are gone. We had a difficult time finding trees on Monday. Most of the lots were completely empty and shut down. We did manage to find a Noble Fir (never had one of those before) that was apparently brought in from Oregon. Lights went on yesterday. Cecilia and Felicity helped put the ornaments on today ... just in time for Christmas. I will say this for putting up the tree at the last minute though - I'm not inclined to take it down the day after Christmas. It will be up a couple weeks before I'm inclined to take it apart.

*I've come to the opinion that, this year, Maryland's weather sucks. It has bounced back and forth as high as 60 and as low as 2. We've had sleet, rain and freezing rain and a "wintry mix" but no snow. We are now in for more rain before Christmas, the high of which will be in the upper 40s. Maryland weather is as confused as its voters and motorists.

*Cecilia randomly picks up a telephone - the kitchen phone, the living room phone, her toy plastic phone - and "calls" Grandma and Grandpa. She says hi, asks how they are, says goodbye, and hangs up. Then she declares to me that Grandma or Grandpa are coming today!

* Felicity's teething has greatly slowed down. But that doesn't keep her from biting ... the chair, the bed rail, mommy, etc.

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  1. Too funny about the Nativity play set. I guess we're lucky that Bella has been fairly tame with her playing.