Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We are getting into a bit of trouble. Felicity has begun wanting to or trying to copy Cecilia, in good ways and bad. I figured out just before her afternoon nap that Felicity wanted to bring a book upstairs just like Cecilia does before bedtime. Yeah! Felicity has also disowned her high chair in favor of Cecilia's booster seat - we are going to have to buy a second one ASAP as Cecilia took great offense at Felicity in her seat. Felicity has also learned how to climb onto her children's chair - Yeah! - and then stand on it - Boo! - just like Cecilia is prone to do. We also must sometimes scold Cecilia for climbing on top of her children's table and, surprise, surprise, Felicity is beginning to try the same tricks.

Dare I dream that Felicity will, in a year or so, see Cecilia using the potty and just magically be trained? She learned how to stand on a table so easily!

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