Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Dentist Appointment

Well, on Friday, Cecilia had her first dental appointment. We basically told her she was going to see a doctor for her teeth but it was only a checkup.
She was actually quite excited and curious on the way, waiting in the waiting room and getting into the big chair. She was fascinated by the little "alligators" that hold the big napkin around her neck and wanted to keep the hygienist's little mirror on a stick. It was all going very well. Until....
The hygienist told her about her special chair that goes up and down and while Cecilia rather liked the going up part, the going down part brought "uh oh! uh oh"s from her mouth as well as a death grip on the arm rests. Of course we stopped the chair moving, but I'll have to remember that for next time. She calmed down while she saw their tools. She thought those were rather interesting. She was calm when she saw the special tool to clean her teeth and liked the smell of the toothpaste.
Unfortunately we only got about 6 teeth cleaned before she didn't like the vibrations of the teeth cleaner and she closed her mouth. She wouldn't open her mouth. She wouldn't say a word. She just looked from side to side, a bit worried. I finally asked her if she wanted to stop and she immediately said, "stop." The hygienist was very calm, very nice, very gentle and very understanding. She even said to me, "We make sure these early visits are not scary ones. We don't want them to think of visiting the dentist as a scary or painful experience." She picked out a new toothbrush and the dentist came by just to check her teeth and say, "Hello." Cecilia opted not to rinse and, rather than waiting for the chair to move down again, slid down longways onto the floor and began playing with a toy Homer Simpson on a bookcase.
The hygienist inflated a rubber glove and drew a funny face on it and tied the end with floss and told Cecilia she could pick a prize from their "good visit" box. Cecilia couldn't decide between two cars, so, since she had turned 3 only the day before, the hygienist told her she could have one for her good visit and one for her birthday.

Leaving the office I asked Cecilia if that was fun. Carrying a balloon, two toy cars and a new toothbrush with hearts and teddy bears, she said it was.

Overall I must say it was a very successful first visit. Her teeth looked good and healthy, she was calm, patient, and very well behaved. And it only cost $75 (which still kills me as we only got her teeth counted and 6 teeth barely cleaned, but it was her first visit.) I will just have to remember that chair thing next time. Not much I can do about the vibrating teeth cleaner.

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