Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Nativity Playset

Cecilia continues to play with our Nativity set. You see the wise man all the way on the right with a sort of domed hat/crown:

img_3758Cecilia has decided that is the Pope. Yes, the His Holiness is in our Nativity.

Today, during lunch, Felicity stole "the pope" from the table to walk around with. Cecilia grabbed Mary and the shepherd and "ran" them to the edge of the table shouting, "Pope? Pope? Where are you?" We told her he was on a trip and would return soon.

Upon the pope's return. She declared that he had to go potty. So I took the pope and walked him around the back of the stable for a minute, then returned him and said he went potty and feels much better. Cecilia must have liked this interchange because thus followed the other two wisemen, Joseph, the shepherd and Mary, for whom everyone averted their eyes. Now, previously, Cecilia had made us changed Baby Jesus' tushie. But today she declared him potty trained and said he needed to go potty too. So Baby Jesus followed suit.

I almost hate to put away the Nativity tomorrow.

(The roses were from James to me for our anniversary on January 1st)


  1. What a beautiful nativity! I love the story about everyone using the potty. That's classic.

  2. Thanks, we bought it years ago at one of those carts in a mall that sell wooden carvings from the Holy Land.
    Yeah, that potty thing cracked me up. I had to post it even if just so I would remember it.