Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

7_quick_takes_smOkay, so I know it is Saturday. What can I say? I'm behind. But here goes:


I am very pleasantly surprised by Disney's recent movie Tinker Bell. The animation is well done, the colors are beautiful to watch, the story is enjoyable, the message, while done before, a good one, and the music quite beautiful. It is no Beauty and the Beast, but it is quite enjoyable.


I love Kakuro. For those who have no idea what it is, think of a crossword puzzle, but instead of words, it is all numbers and instead of clues, there are sums. Each column or row must add up to the sum required without repeating any numbers. I find it scarily addictive.


Almost every morning, Cecilia greets Felicity with a kiss, a hug, and temporary hugging rights to one of her stuffed animals. Felicity isn't thrilled with being hugged and kissed just after waking up, but she appreciates the "new" toy each morning. So cute.


I've been craving turkey sandwiches recently. But not just any turkey sandwish. Publix turkey sandwiches. I imagine I would go into a Homer Simpson like state if I was within driving range of reaching one, so it is probably good that the nearest one (to my knowledge) is in Georgia.


Each night after we say our Our Father, Hail Mary, Saint Prayer Requests and "God Bless"s, Cecilia declares, "We say our prayers" before we finish with the Sign of the Cross. I have no idea where she got her insert, but it quite cute.


Our Archbishop begins his Annual Appeal between Christmas and Lent. I know it is coming. Last week's bulliten warned it would be in a few weeks. Is it normal to be tempted to flee the diocese this time of year? Does anyone else feel inclined like I do to feel curious just how far they would have to drive to attend a parish, temporarily, not doing a Bishop's Appeal, until their own parish is finished with cassette tape recorded bishop "homilies," instructions on how to write your own name on pledge cards, phone calls and mailings with brochures of how happy your bishop is when you give him money, etc? Ugh, I dread this every year....and more each year. If we had more money, I have to wonder if I would be more inclined to donate if the whole pleading/pledging process wasn't so painful.


Cecilia's 3rd Birthday is coming this week, which she has been counting down to for 3 weeks now. But her birthday party is not until next month as that is when her grandparents and godparents will be able to attend. I've been trying to explain this to her, but I'm not sure she gets it yet. We are planning on getting her balloons on her birthday and taking her to her favorite restaurant for dinner - Red Robin. I have a feeling though it will only kick in after that that she still has to count down until her party for all the presents, the cake, etc.


  1. Um yeah, I do know what you mean. Funny, though, Dom's job is in the archdiocesean office that raises money, although he is not directly responsible for the cardinal's appeal. (His responsibility is for processing gifts received from donors.) Even so we tend to groan and roll our eyes at the appeal video. At least Dom's been able to have some input into the materials and process.

  2. I understand a diocese needs money. It is how they do it that drives me nuts. For example....
    When visiting Denver, we saw a brochure for Archbishop Chaput's Appeal. The entire brochure was about all the wonderful things your money would go towards. This is the first year our Archbishop's brochure hasn't featured a big cover of our smiling bishop with children around him or something. I have to be honest. I'd much rather give to a campaign focused on the beneficiaries of the funds, than the bishop nagging me for a month for money.
    The weekend I always hate the most is when our pastor must spend almost his entire homily taking the whole parish step by step through filling out those pledge cards. How many people really don't know how to write their names and addresses? Can't they just have a few people at tables after Mass to help those who really need help?
    I admit we don't have much money to donate in general, no less for the Appeal, but does it really have to be so painful and go on for weeks?