Friday, January 30, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday


Being on my third pregnancy, I've had some strange dreams about being pregnant, the baby, giving birth, etc. But last night's was the most upsetting and disturbing I've ever had. I think one thing that made this one so much worse was how real it seemed. It wasn't one of those ones that are so bazaar that you know, in some way, it has to be a dream. I dreampt, about half way through this pregnancy, I began bleeding. And not a little. We got the girls in the car and began driving to the hospital. For some reason we kept stopping at the wrong places along the way, but when we finally got there, I had lost about 26% of the blood from that area. I could still feel the baby moving but I didn't know what was going on or why. I woke up at 3:08am breathing heavily and I had to go to the bathroom to ensure I wasn't bleeding. I prefer those strange dreams any day over ones like this.


How is it that Cecilia and Felicity, in different rooms and at opposite ends of the house, manage to wake up at exactly the same time. No alarms. Nothing. Yet, in unison, they get up. At 6:30am! Is it any wonder I cannot get ahead in the mornings?


Well, the plans are being cemented and confirmed. We are taking the girls to Disney World. We have booked the flights, the room and figured out where we will be each day. My parents will be joining us as well as my brother and his girlfriend for a couple of days. I think Cecilia will absolutely love it and even Felicity will really enjoy it. And, being pregnant, the girls and I can pretty much all do the same things!


For the past month or more I've been tired almost like it was still the first trimester. I've also been wearing sweats almost every day being so sensitive to the cold. Thankfully, yesterday, my endocronologist called and confirmed my hopes that my thyroid levels are indeed still off. They upped my dosage on Christmas Eve by 2 notches and upped it again yesterday by another 2 notches. I had really begun to get frustrated at my lack of energy considering the second trimester is supposed to give you back your energy. Yet there were days in the last month where, by the afternoon, I would just crash and even fall asleep on the sofa. Here's hoping this new dosage level brings me back to normal!


I am trying something new for February. I have actually planned out every single day's breakfast, lunch, and dinner and most days' snacks as well. I will also buy the entire month's meat and frozen veggie supply at Sam's. So, hopefully, if all goes as I hope, there will be no days trying to figure out what is for dinner, no mornings where I draw a blank on what to get the girls for breakfast, few repeats, and a lot less thinking for this pregnant mommy who tends to be, half the time, very fuzzy-headed.


Cecilia turned 3 years old yesterday! It is almost hard for me to believe she was born 3 years ago. Her birthday party won't be for another week and it will just be a small family gathering, so we let her open 2 presents yesterday, I bought some birthday balloons for her from our food store (which can sometimes last a month), we took her to the mall and went on the carousel 3 times, and took her to her favorite restaurant for dinner: Red Robin - a burger place that also gives out balloons. She also wound up with a cookie from L.L. Bean and, as my mother was arranging the hotel rooms at Disney, was also conferenced in for Goofy to sing Happy Birthday to her. Cake, presents and more singing will follow next week at her party, but she enjoyed her birthday.

P.S. - I took a risk and bought one of these new singing birthday balloons. DON'T DO IT! It says to "Tap Here" to hear it sing. You don't need to. Just carrying the balloon to the grocery store checkout it sang 5 times. The only good part is that we got the girls to dance to it's singing whenever it does sing, although James and I might see it witness some sort of accident if it lasts too long and plays too often.


Cecilia has become a sports fan. She watches basketball and football games with us. We tell her who we are rooting for and which color team they are and she will declare that team to be the "Good Guys" and the other team to be the "Bad Guys." Now, I only watch one team when it comes to basketball and that is Duke. So Duke is always the "Good Guys" but she has also learned to cheer, "Go Duke!" Duke is also James' as well as my dad's favorite team, so when they win, Cecilia will shout, "Yay! Ampa Wins!" Football we generally watch every Sunday and, as I have no allegiance to any particular team, I pick which team I prefer and declare those to be the "Good Guys." (Only the Packers are ALWAYS "Bad Guys" as I had an egotistical anti-Catholic teacher in High School who loved them so much as to wear cheese hats to class and always update us on how the team was doing.)

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