Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Little Snow

Today, for the first time since Decemeber 6th, we had snow. Although I guess it is debatable if you could even say we "had snow." We didn't get an inch. Nor a half an inch. Not even enough to completey cover the ground. Just enough for patches of snow here and there. A light dusting that had been blown into clumps leaving more bare ground than not.

This morning when Cecilia woke up and looked outside, she said, "It's snowing!" And without a hesitation declared next, "I go outside!"

So even before eating her breakfast, she got dressed and bundled up and went out on the deck. She jumped up and down in one small pile of frail snow. She knelt in the bare area beside another and tried to scoop up some in her mittens. She had been wanting snow for almost a month and a half and was determined to try to play in what little we had.

Anyone who has ever had a wonderful snow day or watched children play in the snow would have been saddened to watch this little girl trying so hard to enjoy the fragile patches of snow. She did not last long outside and came inside sad and with a melancholy expression on her face.

As I cannot make snow, waffles and Mickey Mouse are comforting her .


  1. Aw poor Cecilia. Though, I think I'd happily trade you. Except for a thaw at Christmas, we've had snow on the ground for weeks. But it has really been too cold for Bella to go out and play in it more than once or twice. I feel bad keeping her inside, but brief runs from car to house are really all I'll allow. She picks up ice and snow in the driveway while I'm putting Sophia into the car and that's all she gets. Today it's ten degrees outside! I'd welcome a thaw.

  2. I admit I haven't minded the 40 degree weather through December and into January. Although, today, with a wind chill of -2, I'd at least like snow with my cold. We are scheduled for some by Sunday, so we will see, but at least we can both be grateful we at least aren't iced in. I remember studying for my comps. at UD during their ice storm. We were iced in for 2 days and, preoccupied preparing for my comps., I hadn't gone food shopping. On the second day we ordered Dominos. They said it could be 3 hours before they got there. I simply replied, I wasn't going anywhere. Everytime I had to take my dog out to do his business it was like ice skating without skates and I could check and see how far the cars in the parking lot had slid. Ever since then, I can always be thankful at least I am not iced in, regardless of how cold or how much snow or lack thereof I get.
    I hope Bella gets to enjoy some of the snow soon.