Sunday, February 15, 2009

Code Blue?

Felicity gave me a bit of a panic this morning. She had been running around quite content in her pajamas, munching a waffles, when she informed me she wanted a tushie change and to get out of her pajamas (she has gotten quite proficient in informing us when she wants a change).

So I lay her down and unzip her full body pajamas and I have to stop and examine her left thigh. Her left inner thigh, about the size of a baseball, is blue! She hasn't cried or anything. To my knowledge she hasn't been hit with anything or fallen hard on anything. I take off her pajamas and diaper to look more closely and call James over to look at it. He asks if the circulation had been disrupted. The thing is, it was a funny shade of blue. It didn't look quite like a bruise, but she had her full-body pajamas on, so she couldn't have wiped or smudged anything on herself.

James asked if I put cream on her thigh last night. I had. Her skin on her legs had gotten very dry, so I had put Eucerin on both of her arms and both of her legs. But I'd done that before and never seen blue, so it couldn't have been the cream itself.

Then we see it. Her diaper. Pampers puts Sesame Street characters on their diapers and Cookie Monster's side is all smudged. The cream or maybe just too much pee this morning, worked it's magic on poor Cookie Monster to paint Felicity's thigh blue. We had a laugh once we figured it out, but I'm just glad it wasn't Elmo - I might have thought it was a rash!


  1. Funny. I've been mystified before by how the insides of Bella's pjs were turning black. I finally realized it was ink from Mickey rubbing off.

  2. lol. At least it was on the pjs and not Bella.