Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Takes Friday


I realized only this week that my children are the creation of A. A. Milne. Cecilia is energetic, silly, but a good friend. She absolutely loves bouncing and will remove all the cushions from my sofa so as to play "bouncy" and jump all over them. She throws herself from the sofa onto the floor and loves climbing. She is generally cheerful and outgoing. She can be competitive and I don't know if she never gets lost as I am not nuts enough to let her wander that far. Cecilia is a pretty good personification of Tigger.

Felicity is a cuddly teddy bear. She loves to hug and kiss and snuggle. She is almost always cheerful, calm, laid back and mellow. She often falls down but always gets back up. She enjoys trying new things and doesn't consider the bees that may be lurking around her pot of honey such as when she decided to climb the stairs yesterday unbeknownst to me. She is often silly, but always thoughtful. Felicity is my Winnie the Pooh Bear.

Which leaves me to wonder......who will Baby #3 be?


Yesterday, James pointed out to Cecilia that my tummy is getting bigger. We reiterated to her again that there was a baby in mommy's tummy and the baby is getting bigger. Cecilia came over to me lifted my shirt and said, "I see," and proceeded to peer into my belly button as hard as she could.

Realizing she was trying to see the baby, I've altared my wording to: "There is a baby hiding in mommy's tummy."


I am a bit anxious this morning. My sonogram is scheduled for this afternoon. I'm not worried. Little one has been kicking me more and more regularly. I just can't wait to see the little one and get my pictures. I am also curious whether this baby is a boy or a girl. I've been joking for months that he has to be a boy as he has already caused more trouble than either of my girls did in utero. This baby caused me much worse nausea and has eluded two different doctors on two different occassions seeking the heartbeat. We shall see.


I know my grocery store has been decked out for Valentine's Day for over a month now. The balloons, the heart-shaped candy displays, the flowers, the pink tulle canopies, the toys and small boxes and bags of different kinds of candy - there is the seasonal aisle, the entrance to the store, an entirely created sectioned off room near the front of the store and displays around the store: it looks like Cupid threw up. I'll be curious to see how much of that stuff is on clearance next week.

But here is where it gets worse: Lent is still 12 days away and they have already had an aisle dedicated to Easter for a week now. Thank goodness I don't take the girls food shopping with me, but good grief, pastel rabbits already!?!?! ::::sigh:::: I'm not even ready for Lent yet and they want me shopping for Easter!


Playground Fiasco: Wednesday it got into the upper 60s and it was partly sunny out - perfect day to be outside, right? I thought so. So I got the girls dressed and into the car and drove to our nearest playground (I'd walk, but if Cecilia acted up or refused to leave the playground, I can't carry her). It wasn't until we walked up to the sliding/climbing structure that I realized the entire ground around it was mud. They spread mulch, so you can't tell until you step in it and see that lovely puddle of water around your shoe. So, with 6 muddy shoes, we got back in the car. Cecilia began protesting she wanted to play on the playground, so I drove to another one I know at our parish school. Just as we got their at least two classes worth of kids came running outdoors onto the playground equipment. While Cecilia has no problem playing with other children, a 3 year old playing on a playground with 20-40 5, 6, or 7 year olds is far from ideal. I then thought, maybe we could just spend some time walking around the church, so I drove around to the Church. There was work being done on the roof with trucks and vans parked along side and massive ladders leading up top and men lifting and lowering things up the side of the building.

Defeated, we got McDonalds for lunch.


Teeth: Felicity has had six teeth for a while now. She has her bottom two front teeth and her top four front teeth. And then, it seemed like her teething stopped. On the one hand, that meant no cranky, crying baby, but it keeps it more challenging for her to eat more foods. Then, around Christmas or so, she began getting cranky on occassion again. Once in a while we'd see a runny nose or other random teething symptom but no more teeth. Until last weekend. She was laying on her back laughing like mad so I snuck a finger in her mouth to swipe her gums. She has two molars broken through - one on her bottom left and one on her upper right. I suppose that explains the teething issues, but these teeth definately have a mind of their own.


I was diagnosed hypothyroid 10 years ago this summer. So this is my third pregnancy trying to monitor fluctuating thyroid levels. Every pregnancy they go up and every post partum they go down. I get to spend very little time at a normal thyroid level with normal energy levels. BUT! I met with my endcronologist yesterday and she said that once they have monitored just how high my dosage needs to be while pregnant and confirmed what my dosage needs to be when not pregnant, I should be able to simply jump from my lower pre-pregnancy dosage to my anticipated higher pregnancy dosage when/if I get pregnant again and jump directly down to my pre-pregnancy dosage after I give birth. Tests will still be needed to confirm levels are where they should be and dosages may need to be tweaked. But I look forward to not being extra tired and extra cold for months while we adjust dosages every 4 weeks with blood tests accompanying. My dosage level has gone up 4 notches since Christmas and this week is the first week I've felt like I have some degree of energy, so this is most welcome news.

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