Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Takes Friday


Cecilia has pet fever. Almost daily she asks to get a cat or a dog. This week she began suggesting that she get a cat and mommy get a dog. She has even modified that to getting a "small" dog and a "small" cat. I keep telling her, "One day," but I think she takes that to mean she will get a pet IN one day. Maybe I should switch to "Some day." She even loves to browse the internet for pictures of puppies and kittens (suprervised, of course). The funny thing is that she is giving me pet fever too. Stare at cute pictures of puppies and kittens long enough and it is tough not to want one. Now if I could just get a 3 year old to understand the our lease does not permit pets.


Jumping the Gun - Bathing Suit Style: We will be taking the girls to Disney World and Cecilia found out that they have pools. She has been asking to go swimming ever since. It is a fair point though. The problem is that we don't have a bathing suit that will fit her. Last year's is too small. But I dug out last year's and it does fit Felicity. In fact, Felicity liked it so much, she insisted on keeping it on all afternoon and evening. She had dinner in her bathing suit.

I have been searching for a bathing suit for Cecilia and have been absolutely sickened by the selection available. No, it is has nothing to do with the fact it is February - there is quite a selection available. My disgust is with how few one piece bathing suits are available for my 3 year old. The vast majority, are TWO PIECES. I have looked at,,,, and I found one decent one online but it isn't even close to what Cecilia asked for, so we will be heading to the stores in hopes of finding a simple, modest, one piece bathing suit she will like and I won't have to worry as much if some sicko is staring at her bare midrift.

(And if you think I'm over reacting, we know one family who caught a porn sight linking to a picture on Flickr of their little girl who is only about 4 months younger than Cecilia. It can be a sick world and I'll be darned if we are putting our 3 year old in a bikini.)

We went to the mall. After 5 stores, we bought a Tinker Bell one from the Disney Store. A modest one piece.


Cecilia has developed enough verbal skills where she has discovered she can put sounds together that, as far as she knows, are not words - and most of the time they aren't. She has one that she repeats often and applies to everything from a tree to my arm. I'm not sure the best way to try to spell it, but it would be a one word pronunciation of "a-boo-tee" with the "a" being a short "a." I've tried to ask what it means but she just starts laughing hysterically at me. So if anyone knows what this word means, feel free to let me know.


The sonogram last week went well. The baby's heart was beating strong and the little one was kicking and bouncing away. By the time the technician finished measuring things and all that they are supposed to do, and we got to trying to see the baby's gender, my little one tried to hide in any way he or she could. The ankles were crossed. The legs were being held so close together it looked like they were suddenly fused at the knees. Even the little hand was covering that adorable little face. So baby's gender remains an absolute mystery to everyone - including the technician.


James always refuses to even look at baby names until I am about 7 or so months along. I can't wait quite that long. My goal is to get about half way and then I start looking at names. I created a preliminary list of boys names and girls name. I was mildly amused to see many more names on the boys side than on the girls. I am guessing that is because, having named two girls, I have a much better idea of what I like for girls than I do for boys, which I have considered before, but never needed to really apply. I will, very slowly, work on narrowing down my list. And when James does his, we will compare and discuss and combine lists. From then on, we work together. It is funny how a system has developed for this.


Lent. Yes, it is only 5 days away. I can't believe it myself. I've been trying to prepare for it and yet I've had so much else on my mind as well, from the Disney trip to godparents for the baby to Felicity's cold and now my cold, to food shopping and a special project I'm working on I can't be detailed about yet on here to the amount of TV the girls watch. Has anyone else succeeded in preparing for something not in the next 48-60 hours?

I did buy enough ingredients and plan to make pretzels with Cecilia on Wednesday in honor of Ash Wednesday. According to tradition, an Italian monk invented the pretzel in 610 A.D. as a reward for children who learned their prayers, the crossings in the middle representing arms crossed over the chest. Around the mid 1500s, eating pretzels during Good Friday dinner became a tradition. Pretzels made with a simple recipe using only flour and water, could be eaten during Lent, when European Christians weren’t supposed to eat eggs, lard or dairy products like milk and butter. As time passed, pretzels became associated with both Lent and Easter. Pretzels were hidden on Easter morning just like eggs are hidden today and are particularly associated with Lent, fasting and prayers before Easter. The three holes represent the trinity. Not a bad way to start off Lent, and it is a pretty healthy snack.

Personally, I believe I shall be giving up chocolate for Lent. Sounds cliched, I know, but since Valentine's Day I've been far too indulgent in the world of chocolate and it actually is something I can give up while pregnant. If I can think of something else to give up as well, I will, but my brain has only worked so far ahead.


I came across this quote on another 7 Quick Takes Blog Post:

"When you eat bread, do it giving thanks to Him who is generous. When you dress, give thanks to Him who graciously has given you clothing. When you contemplate the sky and the beauty of the stars, cast yourself at the feet of God and adore Him who with His wisdom provides all these things. In the same way, when the sun rises and when it sets, while you sleep and are awake, give thanks to God that He created and ordained all these things for your benefit, so that you may know, love and praise the Creator."

I've always struggled with the idea that God loved me, at least loved me more than a general, vague idea of the word. I mean, Hitler was in God's image too right? And what is so special about me that God would love me? But I was struck this week with a thought that has somewhat knocked me off my feet. Our God loves us. And many people hold to a religious view that does not include a loving deity. It could be a war-like deity or an indifferent deity or even a deity that meddles in humanity but doesn't care how things turn out. I have a hard time imagining my life believing in a world with such a deity as any of those. It made me realize how blessed I am to have faith in a God who does care about creation, who does love me. Does he love me more than he loved Hitler? While I have always thought, since I haven't killed millions and millions of people, that I would be higher on his list than Hitler, my reaction is, "Who cares? God loves me." Imagine, if you can, your life without any god caring about you, your family, your concerns, and consider how lonely it would be, how much in your life would be missing, how meaningless and random it all would seem. Then go thank God for simply being who He is - a God who cares.

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