Friday, February 6, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Wahoo! It's Friday! Okay....



I have to put this first. I have two prayer requests. The first is for a 7 year old girl named Katrina. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 4 years ago and the past 8 months she has been struggling to get her glucose levels under control. The doctors are not happy with her weight, she has had tummy aches that forced her to lay down and has had worsening skin issues. The doctors think she may have Celiac disease. Celiac disease is a problem with digesting gluten, a protein in foods like bread, crackers and pasta, affecting the absorption of nutrients. While adjusting dietary needs may sound simple, gluten is in a lot of the foods most of us eat daily, Katrina is only 7 years old already dealing with diabetes and she has 4 younger brothers and sisters who would likewise need to adjust their diets, so please keep Katrina's mother, Susan, in your prayers as well.

The second is for a little girl named Michaela. Now, I don't know how old Michaela is, but I know she is one of three children, the oldest of which is 6, the middle child is 4 and the 1 year old is a boy. So I know she is either 3 or 6. She has been hospitalized with flu-like symptoms unable to keep anything down. Doctors x-rayed her abdomen for blockages and seem to have found something as she was to be operated on yesterday. Please keep Michaela and her mother, Mena, in your prayers.


More Disney World trip plans are being finalized this week. I've purchased tickets for Cirque du Soliel's La Nouba, which, of the 5 I've seen, is my favorite and I think Cecilia will really enjoy. I will make restaurant reservations next and we should be all set. Cecilia is already counting down until the trip, even if it is still a bit away. She also repeats daily the rides and attractions she knows she wants to go on. Every day now I hear about getting on a plane and flying to go on the (Honey I shrunk the Kids) Playground, Dumbo and the Tea Cups. She even marks off each day on the calendar as we count down.


We will be having a small get-together Birthday Party for Cecilia on Sunday. It took us three weeks to figure out what to serve for refreshments. Pathetic, I know. But James has been busy with school and work and I'm half brain dead and we didn't want to serve what we just had at Felicit's in November. So, it will be Bruchetta, Veggies with dip, Sweedish Meatballs, Tacquitos, Eggrolls and Cheese Sticks. Of course, all followed by the Birthday Cake. Looking forward to it!


Cecilia has almost mastered the sounds letters make and finds ways to practice them with magnetic letters, books, markers and crayons, and even cookies. She even began tracing the letters in a book designed to review the letters sounds. So I've ordered a couple of books to help her practice writing letters and putting letters together. I also have some Early Beginner Reader books on which she can practice. I may look at a bookstore though and see if I can get a few more.....once she memorizes a book, it won't make her work as hard to sound out the words.

I also ordered one beginner math book I am hoping to begin with her in the summer.


This week, Felicity added two more words to her spoken vocabulary. I was looking at a website that had a picture of a baby on it and Felicity was sitting in my lap. She boosted herself up, pointed at the picture and clearly said, "Baby." She has also begun trying to say, "Pop" when addressing my dad, whom Cecilia calls, "PaPa."


I spent all last year making a Liturgical Yearbook for our family. It is over 300 pages long with saints and celebrations explained. All have pictures, many have activities, some have prayers or quotes. It was quite an endeavor. But I didn't have the same style or approach in February as I did in December. So I am spending this year slowly editing it. Hopefully, once it has been completely edited this year, I will get it nicely printed up, and put in a binder for our family to use year after year. I don't know of another project, though, that will have taken me over two years to complete. After that I hope to make a Family Book of Prayers, similar to what the Bettinelli's did.


I grew up in Pelham, New York. Now, most people, when they hear that, say, "Where?" It is a small town about a half hour north of New York City. Only people from that area are really familiar with it. With one exception. There is a movie called The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974). It is because of this movie that some people not from the area have even heard of it. It stars Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw, who takes hostages on a subway car demanding a million dollars (nowadays that would be several million) or he will begin hurting passengers. The funny thing? I've never seen this movie. We have finally Netflixed it though, so I will finally get to see this movie that mentions the small town in which I grew up.

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