Thursday, February 19, 2009

Small Successes

small_successes_badge-300x2321. I survived Wednesday. It was a horrible, miserable, no good, very bad day. Felicity's cold hit full force which, in addition to getting at least 3 molars, made her miserable. Cecilia saw Felicity getting extra attention and decided to push every barrier and button she could (from throwing Cheetos to kicking Felicity) resulting in several whacks to her diaper-covered bottom. I was tired from little sleep the night before. But we survived it - and without alcohol, though I confess to indulging in chocolate. We topped it off with everyone getting a decent night's sleep. In fact it was Felicity's best in days. Thank God for Motrin.

2. Cecilia is interested and, indeed, dare I say even fascinated, by math. She loves watching the Math Circus and gets excited over 6 + 2 = 8. I wasn't going to really start going over math with her until this summer, but she is getting a good and enjoyable introduction to it ahead of me.

3. I cut back on the amount of TV and DVDs the girls watch, with the exception of yesterday, which, as I explained in #1, was a nightmare on many levels. Otherwise though, we established rules on when they can and cannot watch a DVD or TV and Cecilia seemed to have no problem accepting them. The rules are as follows: They get to watch 1 DVD when they get up and while they eat breakfast and I get going (Cecilia gets up between 6 and 6:30, so I have a hard time, especially lately with Felicity's nights not being good, getting up ahead of her). Then the TV goes off. And it stays off until 4pm when I get to watch 1 hour of TV programming - generally on Discovery Health Channel. Then they get to watch 1 DVD from 5pm until we head upstairs around 6:30 while we prep and cook and eat dinner. (Of course, if Grandpa comes in by dinnertime, the DVD ends up being ignored anyway.) It results in 3 hours of TV/DVD time for them at the times when I need to get stuff done and 1 hour for me - which is also the hour I'd like to focus on exercising after the baby is born. They weren't watching the screen all day before, but there weren't any set times or set rules and so I could have requests for a DVD at any hour. Now, when Cecilia wants an unscheduled DVD, even she will say, "at dinner." Fortunately, since they enjoy DVDs, they don't get saturated with commercials or see anything inappropriate and if they do watch any TV, it is Playhouse Disney on Disney Channel when they first get up.

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  1. Someone's been reading Judith Viorst! Alexander was my son's favorite picture book character for a very long time...

    I'm with you on the praise for Motrin. We couldn't have survived the last two weeks without. Praying next week will be better...