Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Stop it, Ears!"

Yesterday evening, just as I was fixing dinner, Cecilia came to me in the kitchen and said her ear hurt. It was just before 6, so I knew the doctor's office would be closed. I also knew, as she had been up since a quarter to six, that she was fairly tired. So I gave her some Motrin and said we would call the doctor in the morning if her ear was still hurting her.

This morning she seemed fine until eating breakfast when she came over to me and said both of her ears hurt. We took her temperature. 100.9. She will begin crying and grab her ears or even try to hit them and say, "Stop it, ears!" I spoke with the doctor's office and the first appointment they had available was at noon. I took Felicity's temperature just to check and she was at 99.5. So I scheduled the appointment for both girls. Obviously, Cecilia is sick, but I thought they might as well check out Felicity while we are there. Neither girl has had any cold symptoms.

I'll update this afternoon.

UPDATE: Well, we went to the doctor's office and both girls had their ears and throats checked and everything looked good. She could not find one sign of infection other than the fact that Felicity's fever had gone up to 100 and Cecilia's, even with Motrin, was still at 100.3. So, clearly the girls have something but, as of now, it does not appear to be an ear infection or strep, which were our primary concerns. We can give them Motrin (if they have eaten enough) or Tylenol and watch and wait for a few days. As long as no symptoms like diarhea or vomitting occur, it appears to be just a strange virus that should disappear on its own. If any other symptoms beyond cold-like symptoms appear or if the fever is still going by Friday, we will have to bring them back in.

Both girls were fantastic at the doctor's, by the way. They just couldn't have been better. After we got some lunch in them, I gave Felicity Motrin and took her up for a belated nap. About 20 minutes after Felicity fell asleep, so did Cecilia on the sofa. Both are sleeping now and, considering their illness, we may let them sleep a bit more than usual.

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