Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Takes Friday


Cecilia got two new pairs of pajamas last week. Each of them has a small trim around the should in waves. (They are sleeveless.) Cecilia calls these her wings. She says she has wings like a bird when she wears them. I found this so cute until she decided these wings could make her fly as she lept off the sofa. It worries me only in sofar as she might try to fly from something other than the sofa. But she loves jumping in general, it is an area of caution regardless. The bigger problem is that Felicity thinks she is just as big as Cecilia and so capable of throwing herself off the sofa just as well. She has already fallen twice giving me concern: once she landed on her stomach and then her face (mind you she is teething) and the second time she landed on her left arm. I was actually afraid she could break her arm doing this. That is all I need - a one year old in a cast. So we have told Cecilia she cannot do it unless Felicity is taking her nap. Sometimes imaginations can go too far and get little ones into trouble.....even just with pajamas and a sofa.

Felicity, though, impressively, decided to come up with alternative to the sofa that she could jump off of. She pulled a small stool I keep under my desk out into the middle of the living room. It is only about 6-8 inches high and she began "jumping" (more like stepping) off it. She did quite well, only falling once into the sofa. At least, if there is nothing nearby they can hurt themselves on, they are much closer to the ground if they fall.


Speaking of names, re: my previous post, for a while now Cecilia has been unable to say her name. She calls herself "Issis," or as close as I can spell to what she says. Yesterday she correctly and clearly mastered saying her name and was so excited about it that she insisted we keep asking her what her name was and, after she said it correctly, we would all clap and cheer. A week of this and I'll never hear "Issis" again. It is important she know and say her name correctly, but I will sometime miss that little attempt at her name.


I was hoping to plant a vegetable garden this spring. I've been working on cleaning up the backyard so Cecilia and Felicity could play while I worked on the garden. Unfortunately, there is simply no way to grow vegetables in our backyard. You see, we live in a townhouse, and the position of the townhouse row is such that almost the entire backyard is always in shade. And I know of no vegetable that will grow with so little sun. The front of the house is where we get the sun, but the soil drainage is terrible, even if we wanted what little front lawn we have to be vegetables. So, unfortunately, it looks like a vegetable garden will have to wait for now.


I am going to try to make my first quilt. I've never done one before and have very little idea what I am doing, other than something like a fabric jigsaw puzzle. I have a few books to give me some ideas and pointers. I've figured out a pattern. I've bought the fabrics and know which colors will go where. I just now need to make it happen, never having done it before. We will see how it goes. Here's hoping...


I've been feeling so tired the last few days. Other than the fact I'm trying to get a better grip on my chocolate cravings, I'm not sure why. As chocolate has caffeine though, this could be it. The baby has also been pushing down more and the kicks have gotten less like boxer punches and more like nudges. I don't mean to suggest that the baby is weaker or anything is wrong. I mean it feels like the baby has less room with which to pack a punch than he or she did a couple of weeks ago. I keep checking my calendar and can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. I joke the baby must have had a growth spurt. It seems like I only had a week or two of those sharp jabs before the baby grew to less powerful punches.


Now, when it comes to college baskebtall, my dad, James, Cecilia, Felicity and myself are all Duke fans. Hate us if you must. So I have been looking forward to March Madness and watching Duke play in the tournament. Their first game was last night, which they won. But what genius decided to start a basketball game at a quarter to 10 at night? Aside from what effect such a late game might have on the players, how many people can or want to stay up until midnight to watch a game? And Duke's game isn't the only team scheduled thus. Fortunately their next one is at 8 at night, which is better, but the late hours are a bit ridiculous in my opinion. But, regardless, Go Duke!

P.S. - and before you doubt that Cecilia and Felicity are Duke fans, Cecilia will cheer "Go Duke!" when the game is on and when they make baskets, she says, "Go, Duke! You did it!" and Felicity has begun copying her.


Well, after 7 months, I finished reading all of Wilder's Little House Books. No, I don't read that slow. But I did take breaks and read other books during that time as well. I figured if I was going to homeschool two girls, I should have read these books and I never had. I must say I found them overall very interesting and enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by how much detail Mrs. Wilder went into regarding daily life on the prairie and as a pioneer or farmer. It makes the books more than a nice story. It make them educational about how people lived over 100 years ago. I've just begun a biography on her and am looking into buying her autobiographical Pioneer Girl and letters. Occassionally I would find the story to drag a bit but I still find myself now missing that life on the prairie. I found it especially interesting, if sad, how virtues and values and skills have changed and diminished since then.

I also just finished C. S. Lewis' The Four Loves. It was interesting and made me laugh on occassion. I've never heard anyone describe lingering pagan influence in Augustine's writing as a "hangover." And I never would have come up with the metaphor of God's altruistic nature as that of God as a host who creates his own parasites. But Lewis explores the different kinds of loves and his insights can be very interesting. My only real criticism is that when he finally got to the highest love - grace-given adoration and affection of God - he basically says he isn't qualified to talk about it and that he can only talk about what it is not and for that, to go read his letters. Talk about anti-climactic. Can't help but like Lewis though.


  1. Lewis is pretty wonderful. The Four Loves is classic; have you read the Great Divorce? Now that's an allegory! :)

    I really like your blog; I see your husband is studying at CUA, are you all living in D.C.? I went to college close by, and love the area. My husband and I hope to move out that way perhaps in a few years.

    Good luck with your quilt project! I'm still working on afghans myself.

    God Bless!

  2. LOVE your girls' names! Felicity was on our short-list this pregnancy. I scrolled down and read a couple more entries, and see you are expecting again too.. and like me, waiting to find out the gender.

    Nice to meet you... I'm definitely adding you to my reads.

  3. domesticaecclesiaMarch 21, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    Spilidx08, Yes, I have read the Great Divorce. I thought that one was especially fascinating, especially when it comes to the ways people keep themselves out of heaven.

    My husband has finished his coursework and is working on his dissertation at CUA. We live outside D.C. but in the area. He teaches 2 classes at CUA and 2 at Mount St. Marys. Unfortunately, given our situation, I've no idea how much longer we will live in the area nor where we would end up living. It all depends on where he gets hired as a professor once he finishes his degree.

    God Bless!

  4. domesticaecclesiaMarch 21, 2009 at 7:38 AM

    Lerin, Thanks! Our primary requirement in names is that they have a patron saint. I confess one kick I get out of our girls' names is hearing them said during the canon when everyone prays to their patrons. I don't know if every child will be that way though.
    Our little one remains modest and a mystery, so we won't know what gender until delivery. I think my husband prefers it that way though. :)
    God Bless

  5. For the veg. garden you could try a container garden out front where you get the light, that way the drainage won't be an issue. And if you move, you can take it with you.


  6. domesticaecclesiaMarch 21, 2009 at 7:46 PM

    Kathreja, I will definitely look into it. Thanks for the idea!

  7. RE: the garden--plant anyway! Plant some beautiful shade loving flowers in the back...and see if you can plant a container or two of tomatoes or peppers. I have put off planting for the past two years because of drought and because our house/land has been for sale...but this year I just planted anyway. Not too much, and mostly drought resistant flowers---but I am so glad that I did!! And the kids all helped!

    And baby has probably flipped and changed position, and that's why the change in how everything feels .

  8. I thought this looked interesting and promising for our own foray into container gardening:

  9. domesticaecclesiaMarch 26, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    Shannon, Thanks. I will definitely look into it.