Friday, March 27, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday


Felicity has recently become fascinated by taking things out and putting them in. It doesn't really matter what the things are or what she is putting them into or what she is pulling them out of. Hence I've noticed a couple of small minor things missing. And then I caught her throwing Mr. Potato Head pieces into the kitchen garbage can. It is a tall metal garbage can with a petal at the bottom and flip lid. We've had to turn it backwards so she cannot open it. At the same time, she has become a big help when it comes to cleaning up all the toys in the living room.


Cecilia has a Melissa and Doug puzzle of the United States. She has mastered it and can put it together in any order, although she prefers to begin with Alaska and Hawaii and then work her way from the West to the East. 5138aviiyxl_ss500_1I try to name as many of the states as I can while she does the puzzle. So far she knows Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Texas and Georgia by memory. She often repeats the name of the state after I say it and, as there are days where she wants to do this puzzle half a dozen times, I expect she will a have a great many states down in no time. I wasn't exactly planning on worrying too much about teaching Geography when she is only three, but, hey, can't complain if she has an interest and loves the puzzle. Plus, when she gets older, beneath each piece is an outline of the state with the state capital for her to learn and on the back are all the states' state birds, flowers and mottos. She loves the pictures on the pieces and it helps her know a little bit about each state. I also tell her which states her grandparents live in or her godparents are from - she has that memorized too.


She loves it! What? Almost everything. Cecilia has adopted the phase "I love it!" and uses it for just about anything she doesn't hate. She uses it for things she likes, things she loves and things she doesn't even know if she likes or dislikes yet. Cecilia will say, "I love this book," about books she hasn't even read yet. On the one hand, her lack of logic is cute, on the other hand, it drives me nuts. lol.


Ugh. The pregnancy sleep difficulties have struck. The last week and a half or so I have been dragging from poor sleep. Last night was the first decent night I had and I think it came down to the position I was in, although I confess the 25mg of Benadryl may have helped. Of course I am not supposed to lay on my back anymore, and, as baby gets bigger, stomach is out. That leaves my left side and my right side disregarding any sort of upside down hanging. But I just haven't been able to get comfortable. Then last night I remembered a position I used previous pregnancy and tried it out. It begins on my side but basically I lean a bit forward, with a pillow under my expanding tummy and top leg that is extended, knee bent, in front of my lower leg. So, I'm on my side, but angeled forward. It is very similar to the relaxation position advocated by the Bradley Natural Childbirth method and I think it is good for sleep as well as labor.


Speaking of sleep, I've found baby sleep to be a bit of a mystery. I did better with Felicity than I did with Cecilia, but it still has had its rough spots. So I went through 8 books on baby sleep and took notes on what I thought made sense and would be helpful to remember a few months from now. The objective is to have a plan from the beginning so as to avoid any crying or screaming on the part of baby or mommy. If anyone has any interest, I can post my notes, but I'm not going to do it right here. My notes are about 2 pages and would be better off in a separate post. But here is hoping this time around goes better.


I've made some progress for my quilt project. I pre-washed all the cotton fabrics. (Anyone know if silk needs to be prepped and if so how?) I've also cut out the templates for all the pieces for the 16 12-inch border squares. I plan to use them to cut out the pieces for one square today and spend the next week putting them together. I figure, being my first try quilting, I better make sure I can do one square correctly before I cut out the remaining pieces for the other 15 squares. Each of these squares has 29 pieces, so maybe a week is optimistic, but, as I said yesterday, I've finished the heavy cleaning for the month, so we will see.


Quite a while ago I began reading the Bible .... starting with Genesis and just working my way through. I have definitely been taking my time, but never quit. This week I finished Nehemiah and read through Tobit. I think as I am finishing the historical books I may begin to enjoy it more. The lists in the historical books could put an insomniac to sleep. I must say though, I really enjoyed Tobit yesterday. I knew it had the Archangel Raphael and the story of the fish, but there is a lot more to the story than that. And the theology of angels and demons in it is really quite interesting. I admit I had to laugh the first few chapters where Tobit basically just talks well of himself. But the book really has a good point. Raphael reveals himself to Tobit and Tobias, his son, because, as he says, "It is good to guard the secret of a king, but gloriously to reveal the works of God." God is always revealing his works to us. Just this morning I told Danielle Bean on Facebook how I could thank God that I missed watching ABC's new "In the Motherhood," which, from viewing the website, would have sent me, probably, in a fury of disgust. But how often do we reveal the works of God? How often do we reveal them to our spouse? to our children? to others? to ourselves? Last week our parish priest spoke about not hiding our Christianity when someone gossips in conversation with us or says or does something we know to be wrong. We conceal the works of God to not let his light shine through us in such moments. We, our very selves, are great works of God. How do we conceal ourselves? Certainly through sin, but how else? By not being involved in our community when we could be? By not helping others? What works of God could we notice each day that we don't?

I'm looking forward to Judith and Esther.

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  1. I love the story of Esther, it's one of my favorites.

    Wow it sounds like you're being quite ambitious for your first quilting effort-- 29 pieces! My first quilt was so very basic, just blocks of four squares. From that I graduated to a simple nine-patch. Good luck to you and I hope you post pictures as you go.