Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes


It has been about a year since I updated the bar on the right side of my blog. So yesterday, I finally updated the prayer requests, books I've read, and all my links. It was fun going through them all and there were quite a few I had added to my bookmarks but not my blog.

Most of the "Mom Blogs" are Catholic moms, but not all, and it is possible for a "Catholic Blog" to be also the blog of a mom, but I try to organize them by their focus.

If you aren't familiar with any of them, I recommend checking them out. If your blog is there (thanks for reading mine!) and you think I've miscategorized it, let me know.


Pregnancy is going well but I've been more tired lately. It has also got more challenging to get up and down, especially to lay down. I also have to be careful how I lay down or recline or my lower back will file a very rude complaint. I'm officially 30 weeks along so I know these things are to be expected. I just have a hard time getting a 3 year old or a 1 year old to understand them.


Well, I finished the biography I was reading on Laura Ingalls Wilder. Very Interesting. Happily it wasn't a biography that was extremely in depth (I wouldn't have been up for it) but covered a good amount for me. Wilder had a fascinating relationship with her daughter as both were writers and I find it ironic that, in the 1920s, everyone knew her daughter but no one knew Wilder and today everyone knows Wilder and I'd never even heard of Rose Wilder Lane.

Next I'm on to Kimberly Hahn's Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker's Heart.


I finally finished cutting out all 435 pieces for the remaining 15 border squares of my quilt project. I haven't gotten to sewing any of them together yet - I had much cleaning to get done this week and a grumpy/sick 1 year old to contend with. I also bought 5 more quilter's pencils. I can't believe how fast I went through the one I had but it didn't seem to sharpen well and broke often. Maybe that is because I kept sharpening it with one of Cecilia's pencil sharpeners?


After Cecilia's constipation problems and extreme anxiety about the potty, we basically left the topic alone only mentioning it occassionally that "big, big" girls use the potty (2 bigs because Cecilia already knows herself as the "big" girl in relation to her sister). Yesterday, on her own, Cecilia wanted to wear underwear and peed in the potty twice. We applauded and cheered and took her out to dinner.

This morning I asked if she wanted to wear underwear again. She said, "I don't like underwear."

I know I'll win this battle eventually, but aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh.


I finally saw "Fireproof" and I was pleasantly surprised by the film. It is kindof a Christian and clean version of "The Story of Us." James and I both really like "The Story of Us" but have issues with the language of the film. "Fireproof" gets rid of the foul language and sets a similar story in the context of faith and a Christian understanding of love and commitment. There are occassions when I think the dialogue is a bit cheesy and amaturish, but the acting is good, the character development solid and the effects, well, effective. I have to recommend it. And I will be considering owning it.


Cecilia hasn't wanted to work on her workbook much. But she has loved asking me to write out words on her chalkboard. Unfortunately, there are only so many "at" words: Bat, Cat, Fat, Hat, Mat, Pat, Rat, Sat. I keep trying to get her to expand her vocabulary, but she is still hooked on the "at" words. I'm sure she will have those down pat before we move on to other "an" and "op" words.

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  1. what a beautiful reflection of your week. Thank you, as well, for updating your prayers--I will pray for you and your pregnancy.