Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Felicity's Woes

For about the past week, I've notices some unsual behavior in Felicity. She has been even more clingy than usual, getting upset if I even leave the room without picking her up first. She would get scared at noises she previously had only been curious about and was just, in general, quite grumpy. My theory has been that she has not been sleeping well or enough and I began trying to remedy that.

Except things got worse the last two days. On Sunday her nose began running and hasn't stopped. Yesterday she began coughing quite a bit. And she gave grumpy a whole new meaning. Around 10:25 yesterday, sitting on the floor, she simply fell asleep leaning against me ... about 2-3 hours before her usual nap. I took her upstairs and she slept only an hour and 15 minutes. I though, surely, she would take another, even if brief, nap that afternoon. Nope. She was up the rest of the day wavering between her usual cheerful self and super-grump.

I got her asleep after a dose of Motrin at 7:45 last night and she slept until 9:45 when we went to bed. I got her back asleep in her crib within 5 minutes and with no problems. About an hour or so later she was awake again crying. I cannot move very easily or quickly anymore, especially from a laying position, so James brought her to our bed but she began to just cry uncontrolably. Nothing I nor James did could consol her. To her credit, she tried to lay down a few times, but to no avail. So, as our last resort, we pulled out the portable DVD player and put on a 20 minute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for her. It distracted her enough that she calmed down and reclined in James arms. (I was only semi-conscious through this cartoon.) Once it was over, she lay down again and fell asleep....for a few hours. I think it was around 2 something, she woke again, again crying hysterically. We got another dose of Motrin in her and eventually she calmed down and fell asleep. She woke only once more before 7:30 and, that time, fortunately, had no difficulty going back to sleep.

James is tired with a sore throat. I am tired with a very sore back. Felicity, so far today, has continued her wavering between grumpy and her usual happy self. At some point I am going to do a thorough look in her mouth to see to what extent, if any, teething is playing in this mess. With James' sore throat though, we also have to conceed that she probably has a cold. Is it both? We all only just got over our colds 2-3 weeks ago. Time will tell, I'm sure, but in the mean time, I'm trying not to slip into "survival" mode and keep things as they should be.

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