Thursday, April 2, 2009

Small Successes


Well, as Cecilia got sick Monday, Felicity Tuesday and myself today, I'm not sure how many successes or failures there were this week. It has just been a matter of doing what needs to be done and getting through it. But here goes:

1. I completed the first square for my quilt project......all 29 pieces of it.

2. I have not lost my temper despite poor sleep, cranky ill little ones and being sick myself. Of course, just how much that success is mine is doubtful. I feel tired and miserable enough to know it is really God's success and not mine.

3. Okay, this is really Cecilia's and Felicity's success but, as they are only 3 and 1, I have to believe I had some part in it. Both girls were outstanding at the doctor's office. Each with a fever and Cecilia complaining her ears hurt, both girls held perfectly still, never complained or cried and let the nurse examine their ears, eyes, throat, nose and breathing like little angels. They have also been angelically considerate of each other during the illness, even though each has experienced the worst of it at different times.


  1. Ohh - there is nothing worse than sick tots! I hope you are on your way out of it. I think that any success in such a week is large. Remember to take care of mom - put your oxygen mask on first! Bless you.

  2. Taking care fo your sick little ones is exhausting both physically and emotionally! Prayers for a speedy recovery.