Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small Successes


1. Last week's cold really knocked me down for a few days. Friday through Sunday all I did was sit on the sofa miserable. So when Monday rolled around and I felt a lot better, I was anxious to do something. Generally, I give myself the first two weeks of the month to clean the upstairs. It doesn't take two weeks, but it allows for other things during those two weeks. Not wanting to be cleaning on Holy Thursday through Easter, nor be behind after Easter and not having been able to clean last week, I set about to try to clean the entire upstairs in three days. I did it. Three bedrooms dusted, wiped, vacuumed with clean sheets and two bathrooms scrubbed, sanitized, mopped with clean towels done!

2. I've been meaning to sweep all the fall leaves out of our garage and out of one small garden bed out front but weather and illness has kept me from it. On Tuesday I found Cecilia in the garage trying tosweep the leaves with the brush of an ice  scraper. I gave her a regular broom while I took the push broom and together we swept out the garage. Hopefully I'll get to the flower bed this weekend but at least no one should be dragging dead leaves into the house anymore.

3. We finally got to Sam's. I've been trying to get there for weeks. We were so low on tissues from this cold we had been stealing them from other rooms. We finally are stocked on tissues. I bought 2 10-packs just to make sure we don't go out again anytime soon, esp. as the girls and I still need a few every day and my dad is now sick.


  1. Wow- great job on coming back from your cold with all cylinders firing! I hope you have a wonderful Triduum!

  2. Having JUST been through Lenten illness, I know what you are talking about. My cold turned into walking pneumonia! So, take care of yourself!!!! Your list sounds great! Many blessings!!!!