Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well, I had my glucose test this morning. Here's hoping I pass. I've never failed, but I know one time I passed by one or two points, so you never know.

I then went food shopping and dropped off Cecilia's dress to be repaired. We have all learned the hard way that three years old is too young for safety scissors. Fortunately it is a small cut in the skirt, but it is her newest "favorite" dress.

A mini rant about food shopping: Why can't people handle apples without beating the heck out of them? One day, if I can, I'm going to have my own apple tree ... or a dozen. I had the hardest time finding apples that weren't dented, nicked, bruised or beaten and once you bruise an apple, it has begun going bad. Without any bruises, they last quite a while. ARGH!

Then, to finish off Felicity's nap, I took Cecilia out front of the house and she helped me clear off all the dead leaves from the flower bed. Should certainly make things a little easier for the lillies trying to break through. I have two more lily plants, three tulip plants and about seven hyacinths to plant once I get a bit more enjoyment from them through Easter. I hadn't initially planned a flower garden there. But those lillies put up a fight and came back this year and there are earth worms and bugs in the bed, so, here is hoping these fellas do well too.

Tomorrow will, I hope, be mostly errands and, hopefully, some nice prayer time.

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