Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, Felicity is definately improving. Yesterday, once again, she fell asleep midmorning on me. She only slept 45 minutes, but she slept again from 1:40 until 3:55. Three hours of naps is unheard of for her at this age, but I let her sleep figuring she needed it, even if it meant she'd be up later.

I didn't expect her to go to bed early having gotten up almost at 4pm, but around 8:30, while I was watching The Biggest Loser, she fell asleep on me and slept in her crib until past 2am, when she got up to get a drink and saw me go to the bathroom. At that point I brought her to our bed and she slept again with no problem until 7:40 this morning. That is a lot of sleep, but a good sign.

On another front, I woke up this morning with my throat hurting. Here I go again. James' sore throat has also advanced to include congestion. Honestly, it is the congestion I'm dreading. A congested chest takes on a whole new meaning when there is already a baby pushing up against it. I also feel physically achy and completely drained of energy. James cancelled his morning class but cannot cancel his afternoon classes so while his morning will be spent grading at Chick Fila, he still won't be home until this evening. It is going to be a long, tiring day and I don't know if I will get to cleaning the dining room as I hoped and planned to. Is it awful to hope for enough rain today that no little girl is asking me to go outside and everyone gives mommy a nice quiet, restful day?

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