Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes


The other night, while taking her bath, Cecilia noticed a small scratch she had somehow gotten on her arm. She pointed it out to me and said, "I have a boo-boo. I can't work."

I'm not sure what "work" she is talking about but we don't offer worker's comp.


Well, The Biggest Loser and Hell's Kitchen are over. I can't say the people I wanted to win won - I was rooting for Tara and Paula, respectively, - but I also can't say that the people who did win - Helen and Danny - didn't work for their win. I don't know how many more new episodes of 18 Kids and Counting there will be. Anyone know what the summer will hold in terms of TV shows?


Yesterday was a day of pleasant surprises. In cleaning out my closet, I found a few toys that my parents had bought 2 years ago in England but Cecilia had been too young for at the time and Felicity hadn't been born yet. So Felicity received a small plush Paddington Bear and a battery-operated hampster that roams any room in his little plastic pink ball and Cecilia got a plastic 6-piece puzzle set that, when connected properly, has a battery-operated double decker bus that roams its path past various sites in London. So each girl got new toys for free!

We also went to Leesburg, Virginia and visited the new Outlet Shopping center. Cecilia got sunglasses and pajamas with shorts (she had been quite jealous of Felicity having such a luxury and she not) at Carter's and sandals at Timberland while Felicity got overalls at OshKosh. Both girls were treated to chocolate chip cookies while Mommy got two pairs of clearance shoes (my brown boots are getting so worn they have holes), a $90 skirt for $18.90, and clearance Polo 400 thread count sheets for Felicity's eventual big-girl bed and our bed. The flat sheet and pair of pillowcases for Felicity came to $13 total. Our bedding came to more but we also have a King bed. Can't complain though. There were a couple of stores we wanted to visit that we didn't have time for, so maybe we will get back sometime, but it was a good day to get some good stuff we had been needing or wanting and pay a fraction of what we might otherwise have had to. And the girls actually quite enjoyed being outside running from store to store and being chased by Daddy around several of the stores (unless a car is coming or something, Mommy isn't running right now). Fortunately there were few enough people there that they didn't cause any problems or disturbances.


Yes, I did finish cleaning my closet, including moving any winter clothes out of the way and organizing all my clothes by size so that, after the baby is born, I can work my way from one end of the clothes to the other. I own very few pieces of maternity clothing. Truth be told, I don't like most maternity clothing. I either find them uncomfortable, too immodest, or simply not my style. So I buy regular shirts or skirts in larger styles and, often, stretchable styles. So while I have a few pairs of maternity pants and one nice maternity outfit I can wear to special occassions, mostly I wear elastic waist skirts and stretchable shirts. So my closet has a bit of a range in sizes. That concludes the cleaning and organizing of the upstairs. Yeah! I think I will be taking off from much cleaning until Monday.


Danielle Bean pointed out this article about how the FDA has now declared Cheerios to be a drug. Because it has a drug in it? Ha! Silly consumer. No. It is because the box claims that it can lower cholesterol and treat or prevent heart disease and people can intend to consume it for this end. So if any fruit or vegitable claimed to lower cholesterol or prevent the effects an unhealthy food would have on the human body, it too would be declared a drug. So not only can anything be declared a drug for having any positive effect on the body, it can also be declared a drug because of its "intended use." I guess White Out will have to be regulated by the FDA now too. Not to mention any form of exercise equipment. Does anyone besides me find this absolutely insane? Is there anything the government doesn't want to control or have a say in? I simply, for the life of me, cannot understand how people can dislike or distrust the government and yet want to give it more power and authority. I just think this is absolutely insane and we will all be paying for it and our children will be paying for it. God help us.


I mentioned early in April in another Quick Takes how fond Cecilia was of Eric Carle's Animals Animals and Dragons Dragons. Well, she has now memorized many of the poems. When we read them to her she will interrupt us and said, "My turn!" and jump right in. Some she has memorized are only two lines but others are 3 to 5 paragraphs. It is impressive and I'm thinking about trying to get some other poetry into her reading although I never know just what she will take to and what she won't. We will see but I'm going to see if she has any interest in Stevenson's Child's Garden of Verses and Milne's poetry or maybe some Shel Silverstein.


Twitter. Technically, I'm signed up on twitter. But, in all honesty, I have no clue what I am doing on it. I find the whole thing so confusing. Anyone have an idiot's guide to Twitter in a few sentences?


  1. What boggles my mind is that the FDA is concentrating on CHEERIOS and ignoring the HUGE scandal with Merck.

    Merck created several false academic journals and publications, had them published by a large, well-reputed academic publishing house, then used quotes from these faked journals to support their claims and market to physicians. So Dr. Smith gets an ad, sees it's been published in a prestigious journal, reads the article thinking it's been peer reviewed adn objective... and it's really ALL marketing materials.

    Anyway. Don't let anyone sell raw milk, don't let Cheerios into stores without the FDA stamp of approval - but let the drug cos do what they want.

    We had a similar toy to the bus/puzzle, and my kids LOVED it! Saving things for a rainy day is a great idea!

  2. oh the poetry thing is so cute!! Go for it, if your kid can get used to poetry so young it's GREAT! (speaking as a former school teacher and word lover)
    I haven't watched the bigger loser yet! I need to get to it (online) but I really hope that we get more of the duggars, I love their show! :)
    Hope to read more of your quick takes next week.

  3. Hey, thanks for making a comment at my blog b/c it allowed me to find you here. Love your stuff! I too was rooting for Tara at Biggest Loser but I didn't mind Helen winning. :-)

    I was also interesting that you said you were moving out your winter clothes from the closet. My sis told me the same thing (she is also in VA) but being in CA we don't have "winter" clothes other than a thicker jacket and perhaps a scarf. Funny.

    And as for twitter, I just (finally) updated my account. You want to basically sign in and update your status. You can add people you follow (ie. I follow the Faith and Family Mag moms) and you'll have a running list on your twitter homepage with updates from you and your favorites.

    I don't know how long I'll actually keep up with it since I barely do weekly posts to my blog. LOL! :-)

    Anyway, glad I found you here. Have a blessed day!

  4. domesticaecclesiaMay 19, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    I used to live in Florida, so I know what you mean but up here those winter clothes are a must! When in south Florida, we used to giggle at the people who got out their mittens for 65 degree weather. I grew up in New York so I never did quite get used to the summer-all-year thing.

    I'm working on understanding Twitter but I just don't know how proficient I will be at checking it. God Bless.