Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Quick Takes


Well, this past week the baby's movements have gotten much more subtle. He or she is still squirming and kicking and getting hiccups, but if I'm not sitting still or really paying attention, I don't even notice. Simultaneously, my sleep quality has plummetted - I keep waking up on my back feeling most uncomfortable. Here's to the last month!


James and I did finally combine our baby name lists. We are still discussing them and narrowing them down, etc., but progress is progress and I'm sure we will be down to only a few boy and a few girl possibilities by the time the baby gets here. We have no idea which gender this baby is so we need to be prepared for either. Although, I must say, having had two girls, it is somehow much easier to narrow down the girls list than the boys.


A friend's husband had decided to grow, from seeds, a number of vegetable plants, but as more thrived than they had anticipated, she was then looking to get rid of some. So, through their generosity, I now have 5 beefsteak tomato plants and 4 jalapeno plants that need to be planted. I'm going to plant them in planterns so I can move them if need be. So, one errand today will be to a local nursery for the necessary planterns, soil and supports. Here's hoping we get some good tomatoes and peppers this summer.


Since James' semester is over and the hot wet weather and me slowing down, we've upped our Netflix list to send us 3 movies at a time. But our method so far has been to get 1 DVD James wants to see, 1 I want to see and 1 the girls can watch. We got Chicken Run for them to watch, considering how much they enjoy Wallace and Grommit, which they liked, but Cecilia has absolutely loved My Neighbor Totoro. We actually had to buy our own copy so we could send Netflix back theirs. It is an adorable story. I like the fact Cecilia isn't only exposed to traditional or CGI animation and it takes place in Japan so there are aspects to another culture as well. James commented that he couldn't recall a family or children's film with children who laugh and smile so much. I must say, the songs at the opening and closing credits are so catchy I hear them in my head at all hours of the day and night. If you haven't seen it, it is an endearing film and a lot of fun, not without morals, for children of all ages.


My New Years' resolution was to get to Confession once a month. I have two days left not to break it. Moments like this I wish there was internet or phone-in confession.


After many phone calls and considerations, we finally set the date for the new baby's Baptism. I was initially hoping for July 25, but that date didn't work out for a number of reasons. So we have bumped it back to August 29th. I realize the feast day - the Beheading of John the Baptist - could be viewed as a bit morbid, but entering the kingdom of Heaven (even if you had to wait for the Resurrection) and winning a crown of martyrdom is no small moment, especially for the prophet of the Messiah. Ironically, John is one of the boy names we are considering.


Given #6, let me ask a question. Now, at our parish, Baptisms are held on two Sundays of every month. But for the sake of family and friends who travel quite a distance, we prefer to have ours on a Saturday, around midday if possible. Because we are not having ours at the parish's regularly scheduled times, we had to get special permission from our Pastor, even though the priest saying the Baptism is at our parish. I'd never heard of this before and didn't recall needing it to be done before. If your parish has assigned times for Baptisms, does your Pastor require permission before scheduling a Baptism at another time?


  1. With that number of tomato plants I am betting you will get PLENTY of Tomatoes. If you need lessons in canning let me know.

  2. #3-I agree with My Neighbor Totoro, and in the same vein would recommend Kiki's Delivery Service.

    #7-Have not heard of this, most parish's I've had contact with have offered a Saturday option for people not seeking baptism during mass.

    Happy last month!

  3. August 29 is my dad's birthday, a good day. I forgot about the feast day, though.

    I'm not sure about our parish's baptism policy. Guess we're going to find out soon enough. We need to start looking at setting a date very soon. At least that part will be a bit easier with a scheduled c-section.

    I know our parish has set times but I'm really hoping we can do it at a Sunday mass. That's what we did with Bella and Sophie and I really liked it. It was handy that Dom was very close to our former pastor. At least our current pastor is also a family friend and might be willing to bend the rules. I really hope.

    As for the requiring permission, I could see it as a necessity for making sure the church isn't booked for something else, perhaps? Though I'd think the parish office could do that and not sure why it would have to be the pastor's personal ok.

  4. Oh and good luck with your tomatoes and peppers. Ours aren't looking all that hot after being planted outside but I'm still hoping enough of them will survive that we can get a decent crop. If not, well then maybe we'll do better next year.

  5. domesticaecclesiaMay 30, 2009 at 6:43 AM

    Thanks. We'll see how they do. My thumb isn't the greenest, but here is hoping.

  6. domesticaecclesiaMay 30, 2009 at 6:47 AM

    We actually have added Kiki's Delivery Service to our Neflix list, we just haven't seen it yet. We are looking forward to it though. Thanks!

  7. domesticaecclesiaMay 30, 2009 at 6:52 AM

    I was hoping to have the baby baptized within his/her first month. It just didn't work out that way. I had tried to call the Church office and it was the receptionist who stressed how important it was that I get the pastor's permission. On my original date, the only event was a 1pm wedding and on the current date the church was completely available, so I think it is just a general policy.

    Hope your garden does well. I can't say as I've ever tried growing veggies before, so I'm rather new to it, but hopefully we can all have a lot of good salsa if they do well!