Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Around 2:30ish this morning, Felicity woke up. She wasn't crying or upset but she was wide awake and wanted me to hold her and snuggle with her. It was really quite cute and sweet even if it was the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I have a hard enough time getting comfortable in bed this pregnant and I really wanted to lay on my left side whereas she wanted me on my right. Just before 3am, I put on the music CD she likes to fall asleep to, turned on the fan, got a drink of water and continued to try to get both of us some sleep. But my stomach began growling. The CD is 50 minutes long. It ended, and we were both still awake. If I tried to turn onto my other side, Felicity sat up and proceeded to hit me until I turned back towards her. Finally I managed to get comfortable and, sometime around 4, we both fell back asleep. Thus began my Mother's Day. I have to chuckle at just how appropriate it is.

This morning, both girls presented me with a card that declared they wanted to get me something fun and exciting for Mother's Day, but I already had them! How true! Never a dull moment. Cecilia wishes me a "Happy Mother's Day" a few times every hour. It is so cute. Mass was especially nice as both girls behaved wonderfully. Felicity fell asleep and Cecilia was fantastic. We then had lunch at Fridays, where there was no wait. Cheese sticks and fried green beans, grilled chicken with angelhair pasta and tomatoes and a balsamic glaze followed by a trip to Baskin Robbins and ice cream cones. Cecilia got a single scoop on a cone and ate almost the entire thing and had the face to prove it - chocolate from cheek to cheek with nose and chin covered. Normally I never could have eaten so much, but when you are 8 months pregnant and have had an insatiable stomach since 3am, you just go with the flow and wonder what the little baby is doing with it all.

I make a point of not guilting myself on Sunday about the things I could be doing or doing any of the cleaning or chores I do during the week. After all, it is Sunday! God gave us a day of rest for a reason! So the rest of this day is mostly resting, although Cecilia keeps asking me to play Mario Kart. She loves to try, but, shocker, the 3 year old is only so good at steering the wheel. Whenever she spots an arcade she loves to pretend to play the racing ones with the steering wheels. I'm sure with practice though, she will figure it out. She is quite proficient at manuevering a computer mouse and using parts of the keyboard and using a computer ... when I have one.

Hope all the moms out there have a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day!


  1. Benedict woke me up at 5:00 the same way... wanting to cuddle with his VERY PREGNANT mommy. We couldn't fall back asleep. Yes, it was an appropriate beginning to Mother's Day! :)

    Can I ask you a question? We are thinking of using "Felicity" for our little girl (if she is a she) and I was wondering if your Felicity has any nicknames. What do youcall her "for short" or do you always use her full name? Thanks!

  2. domesticaecclesiaMay 11, 2009 at 12:04 PM

    We always call Felicity by her full name, but we do the same with Cecilia and I'm sure the next baby will be the same. We have no objections if, when they are older, they want to be called by a nickname, but we call them by their full first names. The only nickname I've heard of for Felicity is Lissy (with the S sound, not a Z). I loved the name because of the saint who bore it (and can be prayed to during the Canon of the Mass) and the almost musical sound it had to me. Cecilia had the same reasons.

  3. domesticaecclesiaMay 11, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    Another possible nickname could be Lissa