Saturday, May 30, 2009

The past 36 hours....or so

Yesterday was simply "one of those days." I so wanted to get the jalapeno and tomato plants out of the dark garage and into the planterns out in the sunlight that I overdid it. While I appreciate Lowe's prices, I'd also have appreciated if they could have found an employee to help me put the big bags of soil in the car. Then I worked in the garage filling all 9 planterns and putting all the plants in. Working with the thunderstorm outside was quite nice, but I had to try to move the plants to the back on my own. On the fifth one I wound up in pain - a pain like I had pulled a muscle in my lower front abdomen. After that I asked James to move the rest and took it easy.

I also wound up having an emotional breakdown at the food store. We buy the store's organic brand and it is always on one of the long shelves in the back of the store but it wasn't anywhere to be seen yesterday. I began crying because I couldn't find our milk. Ah, hormones. I did eventually find a small display of it at the front of the store on the end of the dairy aisle, but I couldn't find an employee to ask why it had been relocated.

I decided what I really needed was a good night's sleep and was in fact ready for bed at 9pm. Unfortunately the longest stretch of sleep I got was about 3 hours when I woke at 12:30am needing to go to the bathroom. I fell back asleep only to wake up at 2am needing to go to the bathroom again. I fell asleep only to wake up at 3:30am needing to go....can you guess?....yep, to the bathroom again. I admit I was getting a drink each time I got up, but I have to wonder if, after everything that day, my body was extra thirsty and my repeated drinks of water and bathroom breaks were the result of that. Anyway, Cecilia woke up before I got to sleep again...twice...calling for daddy. The second time James went to her Felicity woke up and I got her back asleep and then, just to be safe, went to the bathroom again. Then, as I was trying to get comfortable again, a little after 4am, I began having abdominal discomfort which kept me awake until near 5am when I finally fell asleep again. I awoke at 6:24am to Cecilia telling me that "the sun is up" and so I needed to get up.

So my "much needed sleep" simply never happened. It was definitely a caffeine day today.

On the "up" side, we all went to the movie theaters (for the first time since December) ans saw Pixar's Up. Cecilia loved it and even Felicity was enraptured by all but the 20-30 minutes she was asleep. It really is a very endearing film and I have to recommend it. Both girls then got a ride on the carousel at the mall, visited the mall's pet shop looking at the puppies, bunnies and fish, and then exhausted themselves getting red-cheeked running around the mall's outside rock waterfalls. Anyone surprised Felicity fell asleep on the way home? I fully expect Cecilia to completely crash tonight but it was a really nice outing for everyone, especially the girls and especially Cecilia.

That said, my "abdomenal discomfort" has occurred a few more times today, once even taking on that distinctive contraction-like rise and fall. I have an OB appointment Monday, but you can bet I will be on red alert and taking it easy. Here is hoping I can get SOME decent sleep tonight. I really need it.

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