Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scenes from a Mall

Well, it has been a busy but productive day. After making some returns to Sears and paying a visit to the post office for more Forever Stamps and to mail a package, we had lunch and went to the Arundel Mills Mall. I was hoping to find some overalls for Cecilia, but no luck there.

Cecilia had previously asked what cotton candy was so when we passed a cart selling some, we bought a bag so she could try it. (How well can you understand eating sweet puffs without actually experiencing it?) She liked it but that didn't stop her from asking for ice cream and cookies. Both girls wanted to get down and walk/run and it wasn't very crowded so we let them. It was amazing. No matter how many times we told them to watch where they were going and even if they were looking straight ahead, there seemed to be this unseen gravitational force drawing them straight towards other people. It is like their subconscious saw the ground other people were walking on as a designated path and so couldn't go around them. I soon became a broken record of warnings and reminders to them and apologies to everyone else, though most people were amused by them. When they bolted out of the Disney store they almost colided with a blind woman. Fortunately she had a seeing-eye Golden Retriever who neither panicked nor became distracted. He/she was a beautiful dog and Cecilia stopped in her tracks to watch them pass. Felicity was the one who really almost ran into them but fortunately stopped short of a dog taller than she is.

Overall it was a nice outing. One thing did disturb me though. We passed by a Spenser's, you know that store with such a bazaar array of items, many of which should be behind a glass case for adults only, and as disturbing to me as it is that such a store simply be open to anyone in a mall, I found it rather appauling that such a store took up one entire window to display Sesame Street items. It is hardly a store for anyone under 18 years of age and here they are putting Elmo and Oscar the Grouch in the window. James and I were both happy neither girl spotted the familiar faces as they would not have understand our refusal to go in. Appauling.

Upon returning home, we filled the front garden patch with fresh top soil and lay down our four stepping stones. Now we just need to find some mostly shade plants to go on either side of the path. We tried planting grass last year but the area is just too shaded. I'll get pictures up when it is done. As it was previously a dirt patch with weeds, almost nothing we do to it could possibly make it worse. :)

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