Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Successes


1. I cleaned both upstairs bathrooms including reorganizing he cabinets and throwing out all those expired bottles.

2. I switched Felicity's clothes from her 18 months to the 24 months/2T and pulled out the Newborn clothes and the baby stuff.

3. This is my biggest success this week. Yesterday I began reorganizing the linen closet which had become this war zone of sticking clean towels and sheets wherever you could find a space. But I've been having a bit of a problem (I'll post about that after my 32 week appt. this afternoon) and my doc instructed me to take it easy. So, all afternoon, without a computer, I didn't do anything but sit or lay down with the girls. I have so much stuff I want to get done and sitting on the sofa was not one of them. I did finish the linen closet while prepping the girls for bed (I had to as I had piled the sheets on the changing table), but personally I think the forced not-doing-anything was harder for me than finishing the organizing I wanted to do.


  1. I know about linen closets becoming war zones-actually any closet for that matter. My bedroom closet needs to be battled with. Hope you are feeling better. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. The constant battle of clothing management! Good job staying on top of it - there's always a 3-6 mo period of organizational decline in my house after a baby! Will pray for you and baby.

  3. I had enforced taking it easy in my last month with Sophie when my blood pressure shot up. I know what you mean about how hard it is to just sit and do nothing when you have so much you want to get done.

    I'm still trying to work through clothing switch out for Sophie and Bella. But I'm mystified. Why are there no pants in the box for 9-12 month clothes? Maybe not, I think it was summer when Bella was wearing these sizes and she didn't need pants. I guess I'll have to leave out the pants that still fit from the 6-9 month; but I hate getting things mixed up like that. For some reason we have very few 3T stuff for Bella. I usually get hand me downs from my sisters in law but all they had to give me recently was 4T, most of which is too big. I'm scrounging to find things she can wear.

    I loved Regina Doman's idea of rolling towels to stack in the linen closet. I think it makes them look much tidier. I've also seen people suggest keeping sheet sets in their proper pillowcases, which keeps them together and helps prevent sliding about.

    Prayers for you and baby. I hope the problem isn't too great.

  4. I hope you and the baby are okay. Our linen closet is a mess too... helped along by kids who like to climb the shelves and hide under the sheets and towels when playing hide and seek. Great Successes!

  5. Good job! My son's old clothes are in diaper boxes in the corner of his room.