Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, I have my free new computer. Quite becoming, I must say. We will, of course, be buying the extended warranty. We asked Apple if they wanted us to return the keyboard, mouse, plugs, etc. that came with the previous computer but they said they had already shipped the old computer and not to bother. So we also got a free mouse and a free keyboard though I admit I'm not fond of the new keyboard as it is smaller and has no number pad. But it is hard to complain.

We are definitely looking into getting the Weber Performer Grill. We looked at one at Lowe's the other day but, considering the coupon we had expired two days before and Amazon has it for the same price, we are looking into getting it from them and saving the tax. Of course, when you add in a cover and something with which to handle food, it isn't dirt cheap. So we are still discerning a bit but, as someone who lived for years in "Hurricane Alley" having a way of cooking food without electricity is more than a July 4th perk.

Felicity is saying her first sentences. She has learned "Where are you?" and "I love you," both, most likely, from Cecilia. Cecilia's most commonly asked questions are "Where are you?" and "What's going on here?"

I am still struggling a bit with dehydration. No matter what I cannot seem to not be thirsty. I have the hospital cup from when Cecilia was born and fill it several times every day in addition to drinking iced tea and occasionally milk. Whenever I go in the car I skip the bottle of water and bring my big cup instead. The symptoms haven't been as bad as they were last week or the week before, but they still make appearances a couple times a day. Hopefully this will be the virus' final week.

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