Friday, June 12, 2009

7 Quick Takes


Cecilia has decided that she can see the baby via my belly button. She will even shine a flashlight in it to get a better look. She also claims she has touched her baby brother or sister with her finger. She repeatedly tells us she wants to go to the hospital when the baby is born.


We have had a lot of thunderstorms lately. I've heard complaints about the weather, but, honestly, I'm rather enjoying it. I haven't needed to go out in the heat to water the plants. The darker skies have helped with the girls' sleep. And, being 9 months pregnant and not inclined to do a whole lot of activity, just listening to the rain and the thunder has been really quite pleasant. I understand not everyone may be happy about the recent many thunderstorms, but I'm really rather enjoying them. I also comfort myself that they wouldn't be nearly as dangerous to drive to a hospital in as the snow or ice storms I am used to being concerned about this late in a pregnancy.


Does anyone else's little ones kiss inanimate objects? And I don't mean their favorite stuffed animal or a crucifix. Felicity will kiss pictures in books or characters on cups and Cecilia, it seems, picked up on Felicity doing this and uses it as excuses and as a delay tactic. For example, when it is time for bed, she insists she needs to go kiss things outside her bedroom. Anyone else's child done this? I have assumed Felicity will grow out of it but Cecilia's use of it is starting to drive me nuts.


I know some toddlers remain in their cribs for a while but mine seem to crave a bed. Felicity does not like being in the crib. But she loves not only our bed but Cecilia's bed as well. She will, yes, at a year and a half, climb the bedframe, boxspring and mattress to get into Cecilia's bed, get under the covers and lay down with her head on the pillow. We already have the bedframe for Felicity's twin bed. Yesterday we went out and bought a mattress and boxspring we will pick up next week. (Felicity will be on the mattress on a hard board until she is big enough for the boxspring to go under the mattress but it is cheaper to buy both at the same time.) So next week we begin the transition whereupon each girl will sleep in their own twin bed in their own shared room. It isn't a big bedroom though we think we have worked out how to fit everything.


James made the comment that he has come to like My Neighbor Totoro so much he would rank it among his favorite animated films. This got me wondering just what animated films would be my favorites. Here is what I came up with:

1. Lady and the Tramp
1. Beauty and the Beast
3. Ratatouille
4. The Manny Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
5. A Boy Named Charlie Brown
6. My Neighbor Totoro
7. The Last Unicorn
8. Tinker Bell
9. The Secret of Nihm

The ordering, I suppose, could change a bit, but that is about how they would fall I think. I'm sure many would have different ones. Which is your favorite? Think I missed any great ones? (It has been irking me I have such an odd total and was unable to come up with a #10.)


I'm 9 months pregnant and got TWO good nights of sleep in a row! I feel like I should throw a party or make a large charitable donation or something.

I had an OB appointment yesterday and everything looks good. I am officially "full term." I also spoke to my doctor and told him that, assuming everything is good, I'd like to leave the hospital within 24 hours of giving birth. Last time the night nurses drove me insane and I barely got any sleep the two nights I was there, which is hardly the way to begin with a newborn. He said I'm not the first person who has told him as much or made such a request and, as long as the baby and I are doing well, it should be no problem.

Thank God for my OB doctors. They are pro-life and listen to me too!


You may have noticed I've been reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde for a while now and it isn't a very long book. It is only about 254 pages. Well, I am about 100 pages into it and I am enjoying it. I have the problem is that those days when I have not slept well, I am simply too tired to do much reading. I made some headway yesterday and hope to read more today, but the many poor night's sleep I've had in the past few weeks has been the slowdown on my reading.

SPOILER: My father saw a film version of the book, which he told me somewhat about and that was what caught my interest in the book. Also, I've never read anything by Oscar Wilde and thought it would be a good opportunity to do so. In the film, which I have not seen, my dad said Dorian Gray makes a deal with the devil to remain always young and beautiful while a portrait of himself ages and bears the disfiguration over time. Well, 100 pages in, that doesn't seem to be quite the way it happens in the book. The devil hasn't made any appearance, said a word or even been mentioned. Dorian makes a sincere wish to remain always young and beautiful and that the painting might bear his aging and the burden of his "sins." I am only at the part where he has first noticed that the painting's expression has changed and bears a cruel smile upon it. He has only just realized the reality that his wish might have come true but he is also using the painting to reflect on his own behavior, questioning himself if he has, indeed, been cruel.  On the one hand, what a wonderful opportunity for examination of conscience! Imagine if every time we did something wrong we could see it's mark on our souls! Sure, it would be a painting we would hide from others, but we could also use it to reflect on how we look through the eyes of God. One other thing I'd say is that I really rather prefer that there hasn't been any Faustian appearance of the Devil. How often do people sincerely say they wish for something that they shouldn't? Fairly often I imagine. Yet how often would those same people sign a contract with Satan? Not as often I bet, yet the choice of the heart is a reality upon our souls. So I rather like that Dorian does something many people might do rather than has a supernatural experience and deliberate deal with the Devil.

I'm fascinated to see how the book ends, but so far I have to recommend it if you haven't read it.


  1. #5: Some of my favorites are the Shrek movies, The Incredibles, The Simpsons Movie (not OK for little ones but still funny), and the Toy Story movies. Also, I loved The Last Unicorn when I was a kid!

  2. Bella still seems to find the baby rather abstract. She says things like, "Mama, you have a baby in your belly!" But I'm not sure she really gets it.

    We don't get many thunderstorms but we have had a lot of rain. Like you, I'm glad it's kept the temperatures down. Though rainy days also mean having to entertain the girls inside. Bella will sometimes go out in her boots when it's damp but Sophie just gets cranky. She wants to be out but she doesn't like the wet grass. I wish we had a deck or patio for her to play on.

    Sophie loves playing in Bella's toddler bed; but she doesn't seem to mind the crib. I'd frankly be afraid that if she were in a bed she'd wander around and not go to sleep. She already plays in the crib after I put her down but at least it contains her a bit. Still, I think she'll probably be ready for a bed by the time the baby is ready to move up to the crib. Not sure how that's all going to fit, though.

    After seeing Up, I'd definitely put it in my favorite animated films. Also The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

    I am so jealous of a 24 hour stay in the hospital. I don't know if there's any chance I'll be able to stay less than 4 nights. Like you I find it very hard to get decent rest with all the nurses. The first time with Bella I was so debilitated by the surgery that I don't think I could have handled going home until maybe the third night. Last time I was up and walking much much faster but then I had a hemorrhage and then Sophie got dehydrated so we had to stay longer. it was so very hard to be away from home and hard to get decent sleep, especially having to go upstairs to nurse her in the NICU every few hours. I kept wanting to tell them that if I could just bring her to bed with me the milk would come in much faster and we'd both be in better shape. I'm really hoping I can get up on my feet quickly and convince them to discharge me sooner this time, but am not holding out much hope. I dread the idea of four nights in the hospital.

  3. domesticaecclesiaJune 12, 2009 at 4:16 PM

    Do you find that the girls entertain themselves better outside than inside? We have a deck for them to play on but our backyard will stay completely wet and muddy days after it rains so finding days when they can play out there are a bit difficult. We've tried planting grass and some has taken but the moss grows much faster and just makes a wet slick ground. The deck, on the other hand, dries pretty quickly but it either needs to be covered with something or sanded as even I am getting splinters out there. I've been thinking about ways to get the girls out on the deck more as at least that is some time outside. But if I have to entertain them (esp. Cecilia) as much outside as I do inside, I don't see the heat as much of an improvement. I've really come to the opinion that wooden decks are more trouble than they are worth, but I wouldn't mind other kinds.

    When we do transition Felicity to her big bed, we will stay with her until she is asleep or nearly asleep and gets comfortable. It will be a new bed and a new room so I expect her to be both excited and anxious but our being there should minimize play or any wandering.

    I did consider putting Up in my favorite list, and I still might, but I really want to see it again first.

    You definitely have my sympathy about such a long stay in the hospital. I hated 2 days. I can't imagine 4. If I was planning on a longer stay I'd probably try to bring as much as I felt I needed to get a decent night's sleep. Not that a hospital is the Ritz Carlton, but if I thought a quilt on the mattress made it feel less like concrete and extra pillows helped, I'd see what I could do to get them there. I'd get sick of the room regardless, but it was the nights that were the worst for me. The NICU at our hospital is on the same floor as labor, delivery and post-partum. I can't believe they had you hiking up and down recovering from a c-section and hemorrhage. If you can't keep the baby with you demand they wheel you!

  4. I don't think it's so much that they entertain themselves better outside--In fact Sophie needs much more supervision and attention outside than in. No, it's more that Sophie stands at the back door and screams because she desperately wants to be outside. Bella used to do the same thing at her age. So while the self-entertaining happens quite a bit both indoors and out, when Sophie does get the idea into her head that she wants out but can't go because of the wet she's insufferable and absolutely must be entertained. As opposed to when it's nice and I can open the door and let them roam while I just pop my head out every few minutes to make sure everything is ok.

    I know what you mean about splintery decks. Our last house had an ancient deck and we had to pull nasty splinters out of Bela several times. I love the faux wood that my sis-in-law has, though. That is very easy to clean and doesn't splinter. We really wanted to put in a brick patio but didn't have the money this summer. Hopefully next year.

    I've never been able to stay in the room until the kids are asleep. When Bella was younger my very presence seemed to agitate her and keep her going. Once we get to the point where I'm putting them down awake, I've settled them down but then left and let them fuss themselves to sleep. The fussing happens either way but it's easier on me if I'm not in the same room.

    Yeah, I couldn't believe they were having me walk up to the NICU. Very odd that it was on a different floor but it was an older hospital so I guess they just weren't able to arrange it otherwise. The whole NICU was very small and cramped and had no prvacy and wasn't a great set up at all. I had to have a nurse escort but since I was up and walking they never bothered to wheel me. Then again, having to wait for an orderly with a wheel chair might have been worse. It was such a pain having to wait for a nurse when all I wanted was to be with my baby.

    This time we're at a different hospital. I'm not sure what the setup there is. Hopefully we won't have to spend any time in the NICU.

  5. domesticaecclesiaJune 13, 2009 at 9:14 AM

    If I can somehow secure the deck in terms of splinters, I could do the same. Fortunately our HOA (I hate HOAs) doesn't say anything about putting a covering on a deck, so maybe I can put either that green plastic "faux" grass looking stuff or maybe just those rubber interlocking squares down so the girls can run around out there. It still isn't a yard, but it is better than a mud pit. Hopefully soon - the 9th month has slowed me down. Hopefully next year you'll be able to have a patio. Just out of curiosity, any reason you'd prefer brick over the faux wood your sister-in-law has? I'm anti-wood but don't know any advantages v. disadvantages between brick and faux wood.

    Cecilia used to be like that at bedtime. She is much better now. Felicity is a very different temperament though. Remember you spoke about the love languages? Felicity craves physical touch. Always has. And she is in that stage where she is weary of anyone with whom she isn't extremely familiar and mommy IS her security object. I'd love to be able to put them down awake but even if I can't do that yet, neither girl fusses much at all, which is at least something. I actually think we might be able to put Cecilia down awake and leave her to fall asleep on her own but with a new baby almost here and Felicity moving into her room next week, I don't think right now would be the time to change something else on her. Sometime soon though hopefully.

    I hadn't thought about needing to wait for a nurse. I certainly hope your new hospital is better. Ours does offer tours of the maternity floor though I admit, at 9 months, I don't know that I'd want to take the time, energy, effort, or funds to take one. But even if their website doesn't say, you could call and ask if they are all on the same floor just so you know in case it becomes relevant. But hopefully the NICU will be irrelevant for both of us.

  6. My sil has a raised deck so faux wood is natural. Since our house is on a slab, a raised deck doesn't really make sense. Actually, it never crossed my mind to do anything other than a brick patio.

    We could take a tour of the hospital too. I keep thinking about it; but it's half an hour away from home and we don't tend to be in that area except when I'm going to visit the OB and then I never want to take more time than I have to on account of leaving the girls with either Dom or my sister.