Saturday, June 6, 2009

The 9-Month Conflict

What is a pregnant woman do?

On the one hand, I've had such a nesting desire to get things ready and get things done. And I do. I do get things done. Today I finally cleaned out the inside of our car from wiping down the windows and seats to vacuuming the floor and reorganizing the toys and cleaning the car seats. I'm so excited for my next car ride! I also finally gave James his haircut while Cecilia used a mini fan to try and blow the tufts of hair off Daddy.

On the other hand, Felicity keeps waking up at night - for over an hour of awake time. She isn't upset, she is just awake and has trouble getting back to sleep. Add that to any woman's usual uncomfortability and night-wakings in the 9th month and I don't get much sleep. I don't feel dead tired, but I also know my eye doesn't keep twitching because I need therapy.

So I find myself wanting to just dive in and tackle my to-do list with a sleep-deprived body and a spastic eyelid. :::sigh::: I'm still hoping I might at least clean the kitchen floor before the day is out (as I had wanted to do it for over a week now but was waiting until after the haircut and it is the absolute last "to clean" item on my list) but does anyone besides me find this nesting impulse to be a bit on the ironic side given the natural 9-month decline in energy and quality sleep?


  1. I know when I was at nine months with Sophie I started to get almost manic with my nesting impulses. It was so amazingly frustrating to be ordered to take it easy when my blood pressure was high. But it was also probably good for me. I had no choice in the matter but had to follow doctor's orders. I did the minimum I had to for Bella and then put my feet up and didn't worry about the dirty floors and such.

    Oh I hate that twitchy eyelid! I had it when I was in grad school and it went away when I stopped drinking caffeine.

  2. domesticaecclesiaJune 8, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    Fortunately most of my "to do" list remaining are things that won't take much physical activity, but even sewing can be difficult when you are really tired.
    I haven't yet gotten to the kitchen floor and I admit I'm losing motivation for it. It isn't really bad, just could use a little sprigging up.
    Instead I've been focusing on other things on my list like packing for the hospital and ordering the hardcopies of photographs before we get a new wave of photos with the new baby (I hadn't done it since October). So I am getting things done a little at a time, I just find it ironically frustrating to have the desire to get things done with so little energy with which to do them.
    I had 2 Diet Cokes on Saturday when I felt barely conscious in the morning. I'm wondering if those spurred my twitchy eyelid. I've been avoiding most caffeine since then and it has improved though still visits occasionally. Generally I avoid all caffeinated beverages when I'm pregnant except for those days, like Saturday, where it is either drink or sleep.