Friday, June 26, 2009


Having come home and been emotional, tired and sore, one of my greatest consolations has been watching the three sisters interact.

Cecilia has already fallen in love with Elizabeth and rather protective of her. She practices saying her name though it is more like "A-lisph-beff." When Elizabeth is sleeping Cecilia will shush anyone and everyone and tell them to "Be quiet! My baby sister sleeping!" She loves to gently stroke her hair and give her tiny kisses.

Felicity has been fascinated by Elizabeth. She loves to touch her head and her hands and gives her kisses and hugs. This afternoon while Elizabeth slept in the bassinet, Felicity sat on the sofa and tried to show Elizabeth all of her beloved plastic figurines of characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Mickey Mouse and company. Felicity carries them around in a purse, taking them out and putting them back. She adores them and there she sat on the sofa holding them up to show a sleeping Elizabeth.

But the relationship between Elizabeth and her sisters hasn't been the only wonderfully developing relationship. Cecilia and Felicity have been growing closer and Cecilia is taking more joy from being the biggest sister. This morning I was sitting on the sofa nursing Elizabeth while Cecilia and Felicity sat at the dining room table coloring. Felicity suddenly decided she wanted to get down and was asking me to help her. I asked her if it was okay for Cecilia to help her and when she confirmed it was, I asked Cecilia if she could get down and help Felicity down. Cecilia said, "Okay. Hang on, Icity, I coming." She climbed down, went around to where Felicity was sitting on the chair, put her arms around her and lifted her on to the ground. I applauded her perhaps a bit too much for being such a big sister. Now she keeps trying to help Felicity even when Felicity doesn't want any help.

As one who has no sisters, it has become priceless to watch the three of them come together. At some point I'm going to force all of them to sit and take some pictures together, but I think I will need to be feeling back to normal again before I take on that challenge. Three little girls, all ages three years or under, and yet they hold each other, hug and kiss one another, help each other, play together and love one another dearly. Granted Elizabeth is conscious of very little right now, but she is already receiving so much.

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