Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Small Successes

small_successes_badge-300x2321. We finally narrowed down our baby name list. We hope we can narrow it a bit more before the little one arrives, but, including first and middle name combinations, we are down to 5 possible girl names and 5 possible boy names.

2. I finally cleaned off my desk and actually know what is on it now! I also cleaned the living room, which was the last area of the house to be cleaned and organized. I'm hoping Cecilia and I can get to the car before the week is out but we will see how I feel.

3. We figured out a way to block off a section of railing that Cecilia had been squeezing between to sneak downstairs and visit daddy when he was working. We needed to do it before Felicity figured out exactly how she was doing it and James will need his quiet seclusion to get work done. The railing guarded part of the living/play room from the stairwell leading downstairs, so it is much safer not to have anyone going through bars onto a set of stairs. We basically moved a children's bookcase between the tv stand and entertainment case creating a wall of furniture along the railing. Now we just need to get a bike lock or something to keep Cecilia from opening the baby gate and heading downstairs, which she does many times a day without closing the gate.


  1. Congratulations on cleaning your desk!

    Mine is a black hole that sucks too much into its gravitational field. Right now in addition to stacks of paper it harbors toilet paper rolls (for a friend's rodents), a can of melted wax (for making fire starters), and a can opener (no reason).

    Have a great week!

  2. domesticaecclesiaJune 4, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    Barbara, LOL. I hate when desks or tables get like that. It gnaws at me until I have to choose between cleaning it or torching the whole thing and roasting marshmallows! Hope your desk gets out of it's black hole status soon! God Bless!