Friday, July 24, 2009

Fighting For Jesus

A while ago I got this My Loving Jesus Doll for Cecilia. At first she was scared of it and put it in one of the drawers of her night stand. Until....

Felicity found it. She liked it and carried Jesus around and gave him hugs. And for several months Felicity would play with it but it would always end up back in Cecilia's night stand drawer. Until we moved Felicity into her own bed in the same room as Cecilia. Then Felicity wanted Jesus to sleep in her bed.20653jdoll-d

Can you see where this is going?

Cecilia realized there was nothing scary about the Jesus doll and wanted it in bed with her when she went to sleep at night.

And so began the fight for Jesus. While there was never any violence over the doll, I was a little stunned in how to respond to my daughters fighting for Jesus. You want them to want Jesus. But I had bought it for Cecilia. Yet it was Felicity who wanted to sleep with it first and had been playing with it for some time. I could only see one solution...

I bought Felicity her own and now each girl sleeps with Jesus each night. Granted, sometimes he becomes a pillow, but I still love that each of them wants to fall asleep holding Jesus.

Isn't it good when there is plenty of Jesus to go around!

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