Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun

As New Baby presents for the girls, my parents bought them a couple of new toys for the deck. They have been having a blast with them since we got them put up outside.

IMG_4137Cecilia and Felicity are both enjoying the basketball hoop, although we may need to get an extra basketball as "taking turns" is not yet a perfected skill. We left the base empty as they like to bring it inside to play as well.

IMG_4133The second item was the Step 2 Water and Sand Play Table. Obviously, we still need to buy sand, but that didn't stop them from having fun with the water part. We even found a couple of cars we had that could fit on the road and bridges. Then Felicity began pouring water on her head. Cecilia was kind enough to help her. So we ended with a few Cheetos:

IMG_4134And to think this is before I pull out the inflatable pool.

You may remember some discussion about what to do about our splintering deck. Well, James found some relatively cheap outdoor carpeting, which is what you see above. Now the girls can run about out there without shoes or socks. It was still damp today from a rain last night, but that just meant having fun making footprints, or, as Cecilia calls them, pawprints, in the moist carpet.

Cecilia also loves to help water our garden:

IMG_4140I am so happy they are doing so well. We are even seeing our first jalopenoes:

IMG_4142Through the generosity of a friend, we have 5 tomato plants, which are along the left side of the fence, and four jalopeno plants, which are on the right side. Can't wait for that salsa!


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