Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pictures of the Girls

For over a month now I've had the darnest time with our camera. It was so unbelievably difficult to get a picture in focus and was really driving me crazy. I'd take 115 pictures to get a couple dozen in focus. Finally we figured it out. Our camera has a few settings in terms of speed and was set at the slowest speed so it was almost impossible to get anything not blurry. It is now fixed and I should enjoy taking pictures more. Here are a few recent ones of the girls:

I finally got out our inflatable pool. Felicity hasn't wanted to go in it yet but Cecilia is having a blast being able to splash all she wants without hearing me scold, "Keep it in the tub!" She brought a small basketball in and was splashing the water with it, jumps in and out of the pool, kicks water every which way and has asked to get a beach ball and go to the beach sometime. Maybe in September. She was disappointed not to be able to swim via "kick, kick, kick." So I told her of my plan: I'm hoping, in  few months when Elizabeth is a bit older, to be able to leave Felicity and Elizabeth with James long enough to take Cecilia to a local big pool and begin teaching her how to swim. I grew up loving swimming and was on a few swim teams. I also consider it a valuable survival skill. She loves playing in the water and I believe is ready to begin learning a few things.


I was told I didn't have enough pictures of Felicity smiling. Of course, with a camera making everything blurry, I had a really hard time getting any picture of a happy, moving Felicity in focus. She has a few smiles. She does a scrunched up/eyes closed grin:

IMG_4456a half smile:


And then the big smile:

IMG_4442Of course, having a camera that takes pictures in focus makes a world of difference when it comes to snagging those pictures of an infant:


Deep Thoughts with Elizabeth Agnes:


Surrendering to sleep....


You know your still in that first month when they sleep this much...


But it is adorable when she is awake and content to look at you...



  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! From a very proud Grandma

  2. Beautiful pictures! So glad you got the camera figured out.